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Feeding your skin to a glow.

Updated on June 9, 2010

Having a bath or shower is not a two minute, in-&-out thing to do because you have to, it should be a quest to take care of one’s body. I believe in the mantra that “if you take care of your body then your body will take care of you.”

I don’t dispute the fact that taking long baths/showers can be a challenge especially when you have to get up in the morning to prepare your self to go to work. However, a good scrub helps exfoliate dead skin thus opening up the pores and leaving your skin breathing. However this is not enough because regardless of how much we are enticed to buy soaps that are delicate on the skin, the fact is that, they are composed of chemicals and though however minute in amount they may be, they still expose the cell structure to decomposition due to oxidation of the free radicals that that are meant to enhance the integrity of the cell membrane.

Therefore the key pointers to ensuring that you have glowing skin every day in addition to showering include:

Applying lotion soon after showering: this is because it traps the moisture absorbed by the skin from the shower thus keeping the cell tight and therefore the pore open to ensure that your skin is breathing. In addition the oils in these lotions are absorbed into the cell structure of the skin cell to replaces the oxidized free radicals thus ensuring the cell membrane remains intact reducing the development of wrinkles.

Exercise is an important factor in ensuring that the skin is constantly glowing because it is through sweating that the skin gets rid of toxins and wastes from the body in turn helping the body absorb the necessary nutrients to feed the cells. Cells that have abundant nutrients in turn are able to multiply faster than they are dying ensuring that the skin is made of new growth always.

Nutrition: I cant stress enough on how important this is because regardless of where you are taking showers, applying the right lotion for your skin type or exercising regularly to the chagrin of your friends, the bottom line is, if you are not feeding right then your are not absorbing the necessary nutrients to keep your body healthy and glowing.

Biology 101:

• Proteins are important because they are the building blocks of live without which we would disintegrate to dust. So eat meat but in moderation, white meat preferably…fish most definitely for the omega 3s which are important to fight against the oxidation of free radicals.

• Carbohydrate: regardless of the current craze on low carb diets, excluding them completely from your diet is tantamount to staving your cells which then translates to weak cell incapable of performing their functions. The brain is the power house of the body and as long as the carbs are not available the reserves will be directed towards the brain and nowhere else implying that no carbs for the skin equals to no glow.

• Vitamins are a source of protection mainly against diseases. Dry and flaky skin is a sign of a diet devoid of vitamins. So eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. When you feel like snaking instead of a bag of potato chips and dip opt for fruits. Better yet keep fruits such as apples, pawpaws, bananas on hand. These provide instant energy (carbohydrates) while still enriching the body with the necessary vitamins. The deal with vegetables is also true eating them raw is preferable cooking them is also good but sauté for a few minutes to keep the nutrients intact.

I hope this inspires all to take charge and seek healthy substitutes for glowing skin.


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