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Female Wardrobe Issues

Updated on May 20, 2011
Casual day in Bandera, TX..but everything matches!
Casual day in Bandera, TX..but everything matches!
Hoping everything matches (on me) for the wedding.
Hoping everything matches (on me) for the wedding.
Can't take credit for this...but even my sister knows how to keep me in-line.
Can't take credit for this...but even my sister knows how to keep me in-line. | Source
That coat and those skates look great together.
That coat and those skates look great together.
Somehow, nothing says laid back like my teepee and hippy-ish look!
Somehow, nothing says laid back like my teepee and hippy-ish look!

The reasons why I can’t wear sneakers to Walmart!

Aside from the fact that I have some minor OCD issues, I have no idea why I can’t just put clothes on in the morning and leave my house. Getting ready for the day has to be a major production no matter what my final destination is.

I can be in and out of the bathroom in less than 20 minutes, but as soon as that closet door opens, here comes the fun…at least my boyfriend thinks so anyway. He just sits back on the bed every morning to get his dose of laughter, while I struggle to put together an acceptable outfit for the day.

I absolutely love clothing…this includes shoes, undergarments, belts, jewelry…and let’s not forget jackets and coats. I have so many shoes (so not a female characteristic) that I kept telling my boyfriend I had to get a shoe tree in order to organize my closet a little better. His response to that was “hell no, we don’t need to be growing anymore shoes around here.”

Getting back to my morning routine…the minute my eyes pop open in the morning the little clothing circus in by head begins. It starts with what pants should I wear today? That usually keeps my mind occupied throughout the whole shower process. By the time I’ve made it to the moisturizing part of my grooming routine, the pants have been decided on…but then there needs to be a shirt too!

This is where the difficulty begins, because….I am physically incapable of walking out of my house unless everything that I am wearing matches. And I am talking from my bras, all the way to my shoes, belt, jewelry…and in the colder months, jackets, coats and scarves. THANK GOD I ONLY BUY WHITE SOX!

First of all, ,most every time, those pants that I had decided to wear have already been hung back up…changed my mind! So I grab another pair of pants, then the drawers open…fun stuff (NOT!) What I should do is just become the “Lady in Black”, black matches everything…but how boring would that be?

Let’s say I pick a pair of gray pants (I’ll go with gray because that’s my most challenging color), well then my options for shirts have been narrowed down to whites, blacks, darker grays and different shades of blue. These are not colors that I am a big fan of, but because I can never make anything simple, I do own 2 pairs of gray pants. So, I now have gray pants on with “let’s say” a white shirt…well that’s an easy one, because then I can simply grab my black Brighton belt, with my short black boots, and one of my sets of Brighton jewelry…good to go!

If, however, I decide to go with brown or beige pants, well then I have a much larger variety of colors to choose from for a shirt…that however makes it more difficult because then you have to throw in the jewelry factor. Do you know how hard it is to make sure that everything matches from head to toe? It’s a nightmare, yet something I inflict on myself every single morning.

Not that any of this sounds normal to begin would think I was getting ready to go to a fashion show every day...I’m not. This is me getting ready to go either to work (which is a manufacturing plant…WE BUILD PLUMBING VALVES!”), or just taking a trip over to our local supermarket and Walmart!

Then, and here’s my favorite part, even though he gets me with this one every day…as I’m walking out the door, my boyfriend will look at me (with this confused look on his face) and say “you’re wearing THAT?” AGHHHH!!!!


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    • Wendi M profile imageAUTHOR

      Wendi M 

      9 years ago from New Hampshire

      Thanks Kim. How've you been? And, I'll be right over!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      OK you have to come read my fashion hubs-you'll pee your pants I swear just working on 3 of 5 now, it's right up your alley

      loved this one however


    • Wendi M profile imageAUTHOR

      Wendi M 

      10 years ago from New Hampshire

      LOL! You know how you're having trouble sleeping right now?

      Well this was what was going through my head at 4am on a Saturday I got out of of bed and wrote about it.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I loooovvved this! putting it in forum now.

    • profile image

      Holly Ann 

      10 years ago

      OMG.. if i had to go through that every morning i wouldn't get out of bed... start to finish i am ready in 20 minutes... i am so not a fashion person... jeans and sweatshirt and i am go to go...

      your boyfriend is a funny one... :-)

    • Wendi M profile imageAUTHOR

      Wendi M 

      10 years ago from New Hampshire

      Thanks again SunShine. And Oddjobsmom, I don't know why, but I can't seem to bring myself to buy colored sox.

    • SunShineSnow profile image


      10 years ago from Texas

      Love your stories.

    • ODDJOBSMOM profile image


      10 years ago from North (Minnesota)

      Try having lots of colors of socks and only three pair of jeans, they do not grow on trees and apparantly they are made of cotton from the south...not the corn and soybeans my husband grows here in Minnesota.


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