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Feminine Hair For Men

Updated on January 24, 2010

Of the many traits associated with femininity, pretty hair is one of the strongest associations after strategically placed curves and baby feeding devices. If you're a man who likes to appear feminine, hair can be something of a challenge, but it can also be an asset if you put your thinking cap on.

Younger men can easily grow their hair out. These days it is fashionable for younger men to wear their hair down to their collar, though it is usually required to be straightened and molded with product into a suitably emo look, and when I say emo, I mean one of your eyes should be sort of covered and you should look as if you would be upset at life if you weren't too damn cool to give a damn.

These hairstyles can easily be adapted to feminine looks by doing absolutely nothing at all, because, as luck would have it, the skinny jeans hipster look is fairly unisex by its very nature.

If you're an older fellow and the hair has begun to thin a little, Brett Michaels is leading the way in bandanna technologies that cover balding spots and also allow the sporting of long, luxurious locks. A bandanna might seem too masculine, but if you choose a bandanna with feminine patterns, or even better, a head scarf a la Audry Hepburn, then you can enjoy long hair and a very feminine look in spite of any male pattern action that may be going on upstairs.

Alternatively, wigs are always an option. Good quality wigs can be expensive, but you can get fairly serviceable wigs for reasonable prices. My advice for a man looking for a wig is not to buy one in a style that will probably seem outdated and a little bit off, buy a wig and then have it cut and styled to your face and features. Of course, this will require having a hairdresser take part in your shenanigans, but plenty of men have done it, and it makes for a much sleeker, much more modern, much more appropriate look for you.

Remember too, not all women have long hair. If you are prepared to grow your hair out just a few inches, whole new worlds of hair options open up to you. Invest in some hair product, and if you're serious, a hair straightener (GHD is an excellent brand, and when it comes to a product that heats up to several hundred degrees Celsius in just a couple of minutes, you want to be using an excellent brand,) and take some time out to play. Buy a womens magazine like Cosmo or 'Vapid Twit Monthly' and see what styles you can recreate. Doing your hair can become a pleasure and a joy, not to mention a great way to bring your feminine look together.


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    • profile image

      Brooke 7 months ago

      Hi everyone, I'm a hair fanatic. Love a guy with a great head of hair. Must be styled. Mine is almost shoulder length and I'm going to get a fem shag cut. very 70's. Getting my eyebrows and nails done too, can't wait!!

    • profile image

      STEVE 7 years ago

      I'm a male with long hair and curl it daily for my work in an office. i get lots of compliments and wear it and many different styles : up , down , back, half up and half down but alwyes in curls and also wear accessories often.

    • profile image

      cardigansissy 7 years ago

      I like your headscarf idea. You could also consider the ponytail, but worn high on the head(more like little princess than cool rocker), feminine coloured hair ties, pigtails or hairclips (1 or 2 metal coloured for going stealth, more or girlie coloured for more obvious) and of course curlers.

    • profile image

      Melanie 7 years ago

      I'm an older man and I have my hair styled in a feminine cut (a la Jamie Lee Curtis) by my stylist each time I get my hair done. It's great, when I want to look like a ladyI comb it out differently, put on my favorite blouse and skirt, a little makeup and I'm on my way. In fact, when I go to get it cut, I ALWAYS dress en femme and have found that I fit right in with the ladies in the salon.