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Top 10 Feminine Very Short Hairstyles for Women

Updated on January 16, 2013

Most women love to get their hair long and sleek. With long hairstyles, they feel beauty and like a real woman. This paradigm is not false but not exactly true. Women with short hair can be feminine too. The clean, freshly washed short hair is also easily manageable. It needs less time in maintenance on day to day basis. If you want to get a short hairstyle, try to look at some celebrities that wear short hair beautifully. These celebrities have a big hand in popularizing the short hairstyles:

1. Kellie Pickler Very Short Hair

The well-known country music star Kellie Pickler shaved off her beautiful blond locks two months ago as her childhood friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. So, to spread awareness among masses, she sacrificed her hair. Now, new growing hair looks fabulous and suits her personality. This has become a popular trend recently and now more well-established women are trying this style.


2. Miley Cyrus Undercut Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus has recently transformed herself into a new look with undercut hairdo. She has converted her long wavy bobbed sharp hairdo into punk waif and boyish hairdo which is long in the front and shaved on the sides. This is a new trend now and women across the world are opting for this style.


3. Halle Berry Pixie Haircuts

Halle Berry is considered the famous actress with the most fabulous pixie hairdo in Hollywood. The hair was texturized to create a jagged look. After a proper haircut, one can achieve the pixie style by spending a short time on hairstyling each morning. The standing hair acts as base for pixie style and is capable of giving a different look to the individual.

4. Emma Watson Sleek Side Parted Hair

Emma Watson looks elegant and glamorous in her sleek short hairstyle. With the slicked-back parting hairstyle she demonstrates her classic beauty. The precise side way parting leads backward. By using shiny hair paste, one can attain smooth and silky hair with a wonderful shine. For a classic clean finished look, the hair should be combed backward.


5. Pink's Quiff

Pink has taken her hairstyle to a new height. A massive and super-size quiff at the top is the beauty of this hairstyle. This style seems to stand against the gravity. The sides are combed back and down. Pink has also worn another style of quiff which the sides are shaved off. Pink's punk rock quiff with very short hair at the sides attracts immediate attention of the onlookers.

6. Eva Pigford Short Hair

Eva Pigford looks feminine with her short sleek hairdo. The small wave and gold colored hair suit well on her face and offers an elegant look. This unique style is highlighted due to hair color and adds beauty to her wonderful personality.

7. Natalie Portman Buzz Cut

Natalie Portman is one the celebrities who has shaved her head. With new growing hair one can comfortably maintain buzz cut. A good trimmer is the only thing required to maintain this style with a good assistant who is confident with aesthetic sense. This is a most popular and comfortable style in summers.

8. Andrea Osvárt Gamine Haircut

The lovely model and actress Andrea Osvart is popular for her iconic haircut. The style has given her a particular recognition among celebrities and stylist'. The cutting style and technique used on her hair with a very short fringe make her hair look simple but beauty.

9. Diablo Cody

Diablo Cody cut and dyed her hair and has earned a top name in hairdo. She has transformed her hair into a platinum blonde pixie that has made her look more cute and attractive. The hair on the top of her head is razored and spiked. Wearing a short blonde hairdo is very comfortable and relaxing in life.

10. Rachel Wood Finger Wave

Evan Rachel Wood wore finger wave style which has added a classic touch to her face. This is a great hairdo style for formal occasions and is suitable for short hair. A strong shiny hair gel is needed to create the look. This style is challenging but provides a dignified look to the celebrity.

In earlier days there was misconception that there is no hair styling for short hair but nowadays, elegant and beautiful hair is done with short hair too.


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