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Fernando Torres: As du song lyrics downs

Updated on March 21, 2016

Dated 04.29.2004, on the field of Genoa Luigi Ferraris, the fans witnessed a sad moment. It was the day Roberto Baggio put on coat color cerulean last time. 90 minutes of the friendly match between Italy and Spain, the fans constantly screaming every time Baggio hit the ball that does not seem to pay much attention to what happens on the pitch. That day "Bull" Christian Vieri scored for Italy, and on the other side the front line, the founder of the Spanish is a talent just stepped over the age of 20. The boy's name was Fernando Torres.
This is a mirror image between the Torres has launched the world's first goal at international level, while the other side is just going to legend Baggio career terminus with millions of tifosi. More than a decade later they seem to have found common ground, which is of love from fans. Both always be loved and waited, even in the best moment of his career ruined.

"We bring a country boy from sunny Spain, he will pick up the ball and scored," Liverpool spokesman opening like that in the premiere of Torres. The days of Anfield brilliant start. Xabi Alonso waved with the ball, intercept Javier Mascherano, Steven Gerrard and Torres storm through the coordination, with Jamie Carragher rock bottom and the "worker bees" Dirk Kuyt side, only a new destiny that success eluded Liverpool .
And if that history is the title of honor, heart, what the choices are emotional memories. Liverpool during the period he is like, they are grave tone for an unforgettable match, as the 4-4 draw with Chelsea in the Champions League from 2008 to 2009, a 4-1 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford or Real Madrid thrashed 4-0 at Anfield. He leads the way to intense emotions in the match was Torres.

81 goals in 142 games in which he left Anfield not so much. But the enormous value, because they are made with majority opponents mesh large, clearance deadlock for the home team or bring about some important points. Torres first goal scored for Liverpool against Chelsea. Then in turn, Arsenal, Man Utd ... are in turn becoming a victim of the "cannon" El Nino.
On the European level, Torres was hung by the great team spirit. Owl captured countless Chile turned against Inter, a storm through the knock out Barcelona in the 90th minute, beating shot season Real's hopes 20098-2009. At the team level, he scored the only goal through the German team at the Euro2008 finals, but then as trembling Marca on each word, "We champion indeed, last night we were very enemy with the only goal of Fernando Torres. "
He scored against the big teams, and destroy the big defender. Torres possesses a style very scary scored. That storm through the use of short shots, coming from behind the defenders and knocking down rested to face the goalkeeper. Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Carles Puyol, until Philipp Lahm, Pepe are all victims of Torres. Their common denominators were removed from behind Torres.

Winter 2010, Torres rid of the red shirt to put on the blue shirt of Chelsea. Beautiful dream ended that day. Fate propelled first match for his new team Torres as Liverpool meet again. Liverpool won 1-0 that day with the only goal of Raul Meireles. Gerrard pass, but Torres was at the other end then.
What then is a tragic chain elongation of individual boys. He lost the killer instinct and continuous 903 minutes were duds. 9/2011, Chelsea lost to Manchester United 1-3, 83 minutes over De Gea and Torres trick shot out half empty. The image was in stark contrast with the hat-trick he had up in the net at the Reading Day 26/09/2007 League Cup. When it's third goal after his break Torres is going through the goalkeeper Federici to set convincing 4-2 victory for Liverpool. Along a play, two photographs, shows Torres day was gone.

Occasionally Torres also scored, after which a rare table, fans told each other, "Torres coming back." But then again disappointed expectations. Two things kept alternately emotional playful heart who loves Torres. Liverpool did not bring any trophies, but for him the goal. Chelsea brought the championship but deprive him smile. Torres last summer AC Milan in 2014, then to Christmas that year he returned to his homeland and former Atletico Madrid shirt color. 45,000 fans to the Vicente Calderon Stadium to welcome the return of Torres, as a proof of love has not changed for two decades.
Atletico's current two candidates is the largest arena is La Liga and Champions League. They may succeed or fail, even with Torres, the most important thing for him now is probably to play in a feeling of peace. Where the pressure of the transfer price of 70 million dollars. Where smiles have returned day after the storm. It is enough for a lifetime of ups and downs.


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