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Few Basic Makeup Products you MUST have to produce an infinitude of looks

Updated on September 24, 2015
You can get all these with just a few single colors!
You can get all these with just a few single colors!

So you badly want dozens of lipstick textures and colors, from matte to shiny, from light peach to purple. Or dozens of different foundations and powders, from matte to illuminating. No, you don't have to buy one different shade or finish for every look, and you can even personalize your products.

A few basic products can transform the effects of all others and create an infinitude of results.

And many products can be used multipurpose.

You just have to choose the right ones, and combine them to create the effects you want.

For example, in regard to colors, all you'll need is some basic colors that you can mix and create totally new shades. You can mix a light pink lipstick with just a little of a dark purple one. Do it in your lips, with a pencil. Mix them well. You'll get a light to medium lilac or mauve, depending on the shades of the original lipsticks. A bit of color theory, used in art, can help you. The effect works in all kinds of products, depending on the color. Following this same method, you can mix lip glosses and layer eyeshadows and blushes, creating your own shades. You can make a lovely tinted lip gloss from any color you want plus crystal, with a lip shine effect, just more durable, for a no-makeup effect, just enhancing the color of your lips.

Now, in regard to texture and shimmer and shine, all you'll need is some basic products. For a very basic list, just get:

  • Creamy matte foundation
  • Matte compact powder
  • Matte lipstick
  • Matte eyeshadow (no shimmer)
  • Shimmery pigment eyeshadow
  • Matte blush (no shimmer)
  • White or very light powder illuminator
  • Crystal lip gloss

For the foundation

Creamy matte foundation can be used just as it is, or mixed with as much powder illuminator as you like. You'll get your own personalized level of shimmer. If you want a very matte effect, use

Matte compact powder

just as it come, as much as needed to get the effect. You can add shimmer to it later with your powder illuminator.

You can get all these with only three.
You can get all these with only three.

For the lips

Just use matte lipstick. If you want some shine, apply crystal lip gloss over it, in as many layers you like, to get different levels of shine.

For the cheeks

Matte blush can have shimmer added to it with powder illuminator.

No need for so many.
No need for so many.

For the eyes

just the same. Add more or less powder illuminator to your matte eyeshadow and get infinite combinations. For the night, you can wear your regular daytime eyeshadow and add shimmery pigment eyeshadow on the top of it, in as many layers as you like, to get just the level of shimmer you want.

That will reduce the choices you have to make only in regard to quality, pigmentation, fixation, as well as opaque, satin or silky mattes, as well as shimmer or glitter in the case of lipsticks or lip glosses. You may want some few specific products because of their special finish or unique qualities. But you will be able to reduce the quantity of products you have to buy, as well as be able to create an infinite variation of looks, every single day.


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