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Fifty Shades of Grey Nail Art

Updated on March 9, 2015

Do you like worshipping your favourite movies with nail art?

Personally I love nail art especially that featuring anything from Fifty Shades of Grey. Adding some polish and a beautiful design to your nails really adds to any outfit. I have become very interesting in fan nail art especially that concerning the hottest movies out there right now.

The range of Fifty Shades of Grey nail art that can be used is extremely varied and I am sure nail technicians in both the UK and America have had several requests for this from their clients. For any beauty business showcasing your efforts on your business website or Facebook page can be great for profits and help you get more customers.

If you want to find ideas for 50 shades of grey nail designs either to please your customers or yourself keep reading as I will be providing some fabulous nail art which I am sure everyone will love.

Fifty Shades of Grey Nail Art Noticeable Designs

Where to start with ideas as there are so many. Well you can keep it plain and simple or go for some a little more noticeable.

Personally speaking I love the nail art below but I am not sure how much I would have to pay my beautician for doing this because it would take her longer to do this than it would for regular nails.

These are very noticeable as they state the title of the movie as well as one of Christian Grey's favorite phrases, 'Laters Baby'. My Grey is also impeccably dressed and one of the nails represent a shirt and tie. There is also a pair of handcuffs featured, which must be incredibly tricky to recreate on such a small fingernail.

Cool Celebrity Nail Art


Is this your cup of tea

Will you be showing your nail technician this nail art

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How about something a little more subtle

If you did not like the design above you may like something which is not as obvious but still sticks with the theme of the movie.

More Simple Design using the nail polishes shown below


Step by step manicure for 50 shades fans

I love videos like the one below which provide an easy way to recreate the nails they show. This is great for someone who is good at doing their own nails and likes to experiment.

The video also shows the polishes required. I would suggest you watch the video and take note of what is required and if you feel up to the challenge of recreating this design go out and buy the products you need.

Fifty Shades of Grey Manicure

Do it yourself Fifty Shades Nail Designs

Now that you have watched a video and got some inspiration you will be looking for some nail polishes to help you recreate these stunning nails.

The mini nail polish set is perfect for a beginner wishing to experiment for the first time. If your nail designs are a success then you can buy larger bottles of each of the different colors. Right now not surprisingly the set is flying off the shelves like hotcakes due to the popularity of the movie.

If you want the easy option why not go for some nail decals like the ones shown opposite. I have to admit I love nice fingernail designs but I am not that good at painting my own nails so the decals will be for me.

The cool nail decals set includes 50 decals; there are 10 of 5 different designs and they are supposed to last for 10 days if applied correctly. The product does state that it is best to apply them over clear or white nails and to seal them with a topcoat.

What is your preference

Nail Polishes or Nail Decals

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Just for fingernails or not?

Would you get your toe nails done in this theme too?

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Have you found any better 50 shades nail art designs?

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