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Fight Hitler In Hanky Panky Silk and Lace Panties

Updated on May 5, 2010

Today's panty pick combines silk and lace. I could stop right there and that would be review enough, because silk and lace are the Father Christmas and Mrs Santa Claus of lingerie, but I won't, because then you'd be disappointed and we don't want that.

Hanky Panky makes these pretty panties, and interestingly, they appear to have abandoned their traditional frenetic neon color scheme and preference for odd angular cuts to create something that is actually pretty tasteful in a full brief with muted colors that make the wearer look very ladylike and refined even if they happen to only be wearing panties.

These panties are so refined that you might even be able to go to a job interview just wearing them and them alone and and impress people with your old timey fashion sense, but the fact that the tulle fabric extends all around the back of the panties may make them slightly inappropriate. What's so wrong with that? Allow me to explain.

Hanky Panky puts a modern twist on these panties by making the sides and back of these panties see-through with the powers of tulle. You don't see tulle very often these days, and anyone observing these panties won't be seeing a lot of tulle either, if you know what I mean. They'll be seeing a lot of you instead. Shameful!

Styled in a 1940's style (who can forget the glamor of those old war days), with scalloped lace edges and lovely floral swirls, these panties are a perfect addition to any lingerie wardrobe whether the male happens to be male or female. Men will enjoy the high rise charmeuse silk front particularly, which is overlaid with pretty lace at the front, but which is pure silk on the back side, for a pleasant feel and fit. Purchasing information for these panties can be found as usual, at

Color options are black and champagne and black and iris. Allow me to translate that for you, they mean black / beige and black / purple. It's just a fun way of making the panties sound even more refined than they already looked. It's a cheap marketing ploy, but at least they didn't call the panties 'Barbara' or 'Genevieve' or something like that.

Whether you're fighting Hitler, or simply enjoying the fact that you're wearing panties, (and who doesn't occasionally just sit around and enjoy the fact that they're wearing panties, or alternatively, fight Hitler in their underwear) this silk and lace combo will bring joy for years to come.


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    • profile image

      Lynn 7 years ago

      Absolutely beautiful panties!Good job as usual,Hope.

    • profile image

      chevy34_00 7 years ago

      Very pretty panties and I'm going to buy myself some.

    • profile image

      Wendygrrl 7 years ago

      Cute panties... work for me..

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      I say down with Hitler cos he was an idiot, but up with these panties! Is up the right word with panties? Heh! I would look great ina job interview wearing that! They'd hire me in a second, probably! Anyway, great hub! You sound like an authority on this subject!!! : )