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Find Earring Stand Jewelry Stands Online

Updated on July 15, 2011

Earring Stands

Earring stands are great for keeping your earrings in order.

Earrings are the amoeba of the jewelry world. You start of with a couple of pairs, and before you know it they've multiplied into ten, twenty, a hundred pairs or more - and trying to keep track of them all is a challenge, especially when they're all jumbled up in a jewelry box.

The answer is to buy and earring stand - or better still get someone to buy one for you as a present. These jewelry holders are both functional - in that they keep your earrings in order, allowing you see at a glance what you have, and more crucially, allow you to easily find the pair which will go with what you're wearing - and stylish.


Searching For Earring Stands In The UK?

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Earring Display Stand- Trapezoid - Black Metal Wire - 13" x 16" by EchoMerx
Earring Display Stand- Trapezoid - Black Metal Wire - 13" x 16" by EchoMerx

Find The Perfect Earring Stand

With the wide variety of earring stands available to choose from, you need to know what sort will suit your needs best.

For a large quantity of earrings the stands which work on a row by row system work best, allowing the storage of anything up to 100 or more pairs of earrings.

However if style is more important to you, or you're looking for something to show off a small number of earrings, a more artistic stand may suit you better.

Earring Stands for Many Pairs of Earrings

If you're looking for something that will hold a large number of earrings there is no reason it can't look good as well.

Scroll tops and decorative metal work add visual impact to some designs, or, if you want your earrings to be the stars of the show, a clear acrylic earring organiser may be the one for you.

Decorative Earring Holders

These earring holders are decorative and stylish in their own right, earrings just add to their gorgeousness.

Choose from many different styles including metalwork trees, heart shaped holders, butterflies and miniature dancers to name but a few.

There are also plenty of other great jewelry stand designs around such as mannequin necklace holder jewelry stands.


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