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Find Henna Tattoo Kits For Sale Online

Updated on June 28, 2011

Temporary Henna Tattoo Kits

Henna tattoo kits are a perfect way of starting to experiment with longer lasting temporary tattoos.

Whereas ordinary stick on temporary tattoos will last 2 - 3 days (if you're lucky) before they start to wear off, a Henna tattoo will last anything up to 3 weeks making it a much better option for anyone looking for long lasting temporary tattoos.

Due to their longer lasting nature temporary henna tattoos are really only suitable for older children and adults.

Henna dye comes from the henna tree and is formed by grinding the dried leaves of the tree and mixing them with an acidic liquid such as lemon juice to create the dye. 


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The dye is then applied to the skin and traditionally used to create beautiful and intricate swirling designs.

The effects are only temporary as the dye only sinks into the outer layer of skin meaning as skin is shed through natural exfoliation the henna tattoo also gradually disappears.

For those not sure if they want to go straight to the real thing when it comes to henna tattoos it is also possible to buy stick on temporary henna style tattoos which give the traditional reddish brown look but will only last a few days.

Find Temporary Henna Tattoo Kits Online

 One of the best ways to start off with Henna tattoos is to use a henna tattoo kit. This provides you not only with the dye, but also with suggested designs or stencils you can follow until you are confident enough to try your own designs.

From those available on Amazon the Earth Henna Tattoos Body Painting Kits comes highly recommended, scoring 4.5 stars and comments such as 'easy to follow', wonderful hints and tips' and 'simple to use' abound.

Alternatives are the Shelly Henna Temporary Tattoo Kit, or the Beachcombers Henna Tattoo Sampler Kit Starter pack rated 3.5.

Henna Style Temporary Tattoos and Design Books

The Henna Style temporary tattoos are for you if you want the look of a henna tattoo but want something you want remove immediately after wearing.

Alternatively, if you want more practice there are some great books featuring lovely designs.


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