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Find Short-Legged Fishing Waders That Fit Petite Women

Updated on March 31, 2011

When you are petite, it can be hard to find clothes that fit you right. Often, the seams hit in the wrong place and pant legs are ridiculously long. This is especially true when buying sporting gear, which is ironic, really, since most outdoors gear is highly technical, and those technical elements just don't work as well if the garment doesn't fit right.

Fishing and fly fishing are sports that seemingly are sports where size doesn't matter: Height has nothing to do with choosing or tying flies, casting or how you bring in a fish, and fishing rods come in a wide variety of lengths, as do wading boots.

But waders that fit petite women and short men are very hard to find. And you want waders that fit properly so you don't look or feel ridiculous when you are out on the river, but also to feel most comfortable and have the greatest range of motion when making your casts.

Brands That Make Short Length Waders

Unfortunately, not too many companies make short-length waders, particularly for women. Simms and Patagonia are two top fly fishing outfitters. Their gear is among the best on the market, and their prices are high, too. Orvis and L.L. Bean sometimes also carry short length waders.

More companies make men's waders in short lengths — probably because more men fish per capita than do women. Because many waders have bibs and fir rather like overalls, petite women can often get by with ordering a men's small and tightening the straps of the bib as much as she can to shorten the length that way.


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