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Find Your Perfect Size in Rainbow Flip-Flops

Updated on May 8, 2014

Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow Sandals, or Rainbows, are extremely high quality flip flops. They have a lifetime guarantee and can last through basically anything, which makes them worth the money. Recently I have noticed many people asking the question "What Size do I buy?". Well, it can be a bit complicated, but I am here to help!

Sizing Chart

When you go to the website you should choose your favorite pair of shoes you like and you will be lead to the next page. Once you reach that page, you can see the sandals up close, the price, the color, and the size. The website provides a sizing chart so you can see which size you need.

The Chart shows that women who have shoe sizes 5.5-6.5 require a small. Shoe sizes 6.5-7.5 require a medium. 7.5-8.5 require a large. Shoe sizes 8.5-9.5 require an extra large. Now unfortunately the chart stop at that but, if you check the website, you will see that sizes 9.5-10.5 require a size 10 and 10.5-11.5 require a size 11.

Understanding the Chart

It should be easy to understand the chart, right? Well yes for some people it is. For others, myself included, it was not. In sneakers I wear either a size 8 or 8.5 so the easy option should be to buy a large in regular leather strap Rainbows. But that was not the case at all. I personally like a bigger feel so my best bet was to buy the XL. This was surprising because in the "Single Layer Hemp with a Nylon Fish Pattern Strap" , I needed a large.

So when purchasing these shoes remember to consider every factor (esp. material). I find that the leather is tighter so I require a bigger size but the canvas is softer and looser so I can buy my normal size. Also, if you have wider feet you might need a larger size just for comfort.


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