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Find a Monogram Necklace Online

Updated on April 18, 2011

Monogram Necklaces

A monogram necklace makes a beautiful present, be it for yourself or someone close to you.

Adding a personal touch to any gift tells the recipient that you have thought hard about what you are buying them, and what could be more personal than a piece of monogrammed jewelry.

Whether you go for a crystal encrusted letter, a subtle engraving or a mongrammed pendant this is a gift that will last for years and never fall out of favour.

Suitable for birthdays and anniversaries, a romantic gift for a loved one, or just as a fun gift for a friend, these initial necklaces are stunning in their own right as attractive pieces of jewelry, the monogram is simple the icing on the cake.

Personalized Silver Lace Monogram Necklace Any Initials - Custom Name Jewelry Wow! Imports
Personalized Silver Lace Monogram Necklace Any Initials - Custom Name Jewelry Wow! Imports

Monogram Necklaces - Other Uses

 Not everyone is an avid necklace wearer, but that is no reason not to purchase a monogrammed necklace as most of the necklaces consist of monogrammed pendants which can be removed from their chain.

The monogram pendant could then be attached to a number of other items such as a keyring or handbag charm.

Monogram Necklaces with Crystal

 Crystals are an eternal favourite for jewelry items, adding a wonderful sparkle wherever they appear.

With monogrammed necklaces crystals are used both to denote the letter as with the rhinestone letters on a black background, or to decorate a pendant in the shape of a letter.

Sterling Silver Monogram Necklaces

For sheer elegance it's hard to beat the simplicity of a single letter hanging from a chain, and these sterling silver monogram necklaces are no exception.

Choose from either block letter necklaces by 'The Black Bow' the swirling script of Eve's Addictions necklaces, or the utter elegance of the gold and sterling silver letters by Franco Vincente.

Other Monogrammed Necklace Designs

 For a monogram that doesn't look like a monogram the lace effect of cut away metal can be very effective, or for the more girlie girls how about a pink letter pendant?


Jewelry Care and Creation

 Jewelry needs to be taken care off. Sometimes it comes in a presentation box which can double as storage but often the packaging jewelry comes in isn't suitable for storage, or you just want to have your jewellery on display.

Jewelry stands and especially Jewelry Mannequin necklace holders are great, and decorative in their own right.

You may also have the urge to have a go at jewelry making yourself, or know someone who you think might like it, in which case jewelry kits such as necklace and bracelet making kits are also great fund and can also make fabulous presents.


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      carrierichard 4 years ago from California, USA

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