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Where to Find and Buy Chic, Stylish Extended Size 1X and 2X Board Shorts for Plus Size Women

Updated on October 4, 2011

Reasons To Love, and Buy, Board Shorts

Summer comes every year, though some of the joy of beach season can be lost for plus-sized women who can't always find or fit in the latest beach fashions. Most women are not bikini-model-thin and toned as magazines and Victoria's Secret and their string-bikini-selling pages would have us believe!

Board shorts are one of the hottest and most versatile summer styles around, and the good news for larger women is that they work just and well and are just as fashionable in plus sizes! Surf styles work on all shapes and sizes, and they look as good in town as they do on the beach.

There are lots of benefits to board shorts. For one thing, they offer more coverage than a plain old bathing suit or bikini bottom, and that can make some women feel more secure and comfortable. Another benefit to more coverage comes for more active women. If you like to surf or play beach volleyball or Frisbee or even just play with your kids on the beach, board shorts offer more protection from scratchy sand.

They also allow you to have more fun with your look! If you get a pair of basic blackboard shorts, you can top them with a tank top, a tankini or a bikini top. One pair of bottoms and an unlimited variety of tops gives you much more freedom to express your personal fashion style on the beach or in town.

Surfers wear board shorts into the water, and so can you if you like the coverage.You also can wear board shorts as your pursue summer activities. They go from beach to hike to town to restaurant with style and ease.

Brands and Shops That Make and Carry Plus Size Board Shorts

If you know where to look, plus sized board shorts are easy to find, even if you local surf shop or bathing suit store doesn't carry board shorts in your size. When it comes to buying extended sizes, the Internet sure makes things easier!

Brands that make board shorts in plus sizes:

  • Old Navy
  • Columbia
  • Athleta
  • Junonia
  • Torrid

Online and brick and mortar retailers that sell plus sized board shorts:

  • Hippy Chix
  • Athleta
  • Old Navy
  • Rainbow Hawaii
  • Shore Fit Sunwear
  • JC Penney
  • Swim Outlet
  • Junonia

Versatile Board Shorts Offer More Style Options

A great thing about wearing board shorts on the beach or around town is that they give you so many more options than a simple bathing suit does. A one-piece suit and even a bikini locks you into one look, so you have to buy lots of different bathing suits to have a chic look for different days of your vacation.

That's not the case with board shorts!

Even one pair of board shorts can be worn for many different looks, depending on what you pair them with. Try a tank top one day, a bikini top another, a tankini a third day and a t-shirt then enxt.

Be creative! That's what makes fashion so fun.


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