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Finding "The One", Your Dream Wedding Dress

Updated on May 27, 2014

The Morale of This Story

The morale of this story is that looking online for your dream wedding gown is a great idea, but don't put everything into that one dress unless you try it on. We all have different body shapes, skin tone, hair color, height...etc that are complimentary to certain dress styles and shapes. Until you try a dress on, you really won't be able to get a realistic gauge on how perfect it will be for you.

We have seen many brides come in after looking online, order a dress from the designer to try on, and after paying for shipping and insurance to try the dress on, and find out that the dress that their heart was set on was not as great as they had imagined.

Searching for "The One"

There's a story of a young girl who had her heart set on a certain dress for her wedding day. Everyday for years, she looked at this same dress, dreaming about her future wedding day. When the time finally came for her to look for wedding dresses, she immediately searched every store for the only style that she had dreamed of for so many years. After she found the dress to try on, she made an appointment and went to try on her dream gown. To her surprise, all of her childhood dreams of wearing this dress on her wedding day came to a sudden crash! After seeing it on her, it did not spark the thrill and emotion that she thought it would, but off in the corner was a dress style that she never would have dreamed of trying, but the shop attendant recommended that she try it. This time, as soon as she saw herself in this beautiful dress, she broke out in tears.

Dress Styles To Consider

Colors (not limited to below)
One Shoulder
Drop Waist
Sweetheart neckline
Empire Waist
Straight neckline
Fit and Flare
Silver beading
Spaghetti Strap
Pick Up
Cap Sleeve
Open back (Keyhole)

At Venus Bridal Collection, we want you to find a dress that you not only look good in, but stirs up that deep emotion that will bring out the most beautiful you on your special day. Give us a call at (410) 480-0012 to schedule an appointment and one of our professional consultants would be honored to be a part of the search for your dream dress. We have many different styles for you to try on to see what works best for you.


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