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Finding Cute Shoes for Wide Feet

Updated on October 1, 2010
If the shoe fits...
If the shoe fits... | Source

If you're like me or the moderate percentage of women with wide feet, you've probably experienced the frustrations of finding shoes that fit well and aren't dumpy or uncomfortable. Sadly for us wide-footed women, most designers create cute shoes like heels and flats with a relatively narrow fit, making it all the more difficult to get a great pair. The good news is, there ARE places that sell Wide fits that look great, and I've compiled a list of several recommendations...

Payless Shoes has recently started selling shoes with a nice wide fit. I used to have difficulty shopping here, but now it seems as if everything they sell is wide! It's great. I'm a 9 1/2 wide and I fit into a pair of their 8 flats. I've got a great pair of designer-looking boots for $20 from them.

Torrid is a plus-size women's store. Their heels are cute and often cut fairly wide. They have a pretty decent selection, though they tend to run on the pricier side if you're a frugal buyer like myself. Nevertheless, if you want a good pair of heels that are comfortable it may be a good idea to invest a little. My favorite wide-fit finds at their site:

Fashion Bug has a small selection of cute wide-width boots and short-heels, and they're fairly affordable. Click here to visit their wide-width page.

Fantasia Heels sells some simple pumps and Mary Janes with a wide fit, especially if you're looking for some basic heels. Check them out.

For classy heels on the pricier side, check out Cole Haan's Air Slings. They come in six different colors and have a strappy heel which can provide some movement.

These adorable mules with big bows are super cheap...only about $17, and very Marie Antoinette.

Check out the rest of Women Within for a fair selection of adorable, wide shoes for reasonable prices.

I recommend trying on the shoe first if you can, because wide feet can be tricky to fit properly even if you know your size. Shoes with sling-backs, open toes and open sides can give your foot more lee-way and comfort. NEVER bu shoes that don't fit properly or feel good, because you'll never wear or them, or you'll risk hurting your feet. Most importantly,don't give up! Even though it can be disappointing, try on those cute heels you really want and test them out. You never know, they could end up fitting.


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    • HeelShields profile image

      HeelShields 7 years ago

      Good article. I have a friend who has a wider foot and loves beautiful shoes - her Christian Louboutins are too narrow and she hats that.