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Finding Feel Good Bras For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

Bras for men are no different than bras for women. They have to feel good if they are to be of any real use. Men wear brassieres for different reasons, of course. Some men wear a bra just because it looks hot, or feels hot, and other men wear bras for support. Depending on your reason for buying a bra, your purchase criteria are going to be different. The following tips and hints should be useful for any man considering buying a bra, no matter what the reason is.

For Support, You Need A Comfortable Fit

A bra that is too tight can cut in around your chest and into your shoulders. Depending on whether or not you need the bra for support, this can actually be quite painful. If you are purchasing a brassiere for support, I'd recommend steering clear of skinny bra straps. These types of bra straps are not designed for support and can lead to a painful experience.

If you can, try on any bra before you purchase it. You'll soon know whether or not it provides the sort of support and shape you want once you have it on. If it feels tight and uncomfortable, see how much give you have in the straps and the clasps. Back closing brassieres have between 2 and 3 clasp settings, these can be extended by using a bra extender, which will give you a little more width across the back. Bra extenders are a godsend for men who have quite broad chests and small breasts.

A Comfortable Material Is Essential

Lace bras are pretty, but you will want to check that they are well lined underneath that lace. Lace scratching directly against the skin can soon become uncomfortable, and on a hot day, can even lead to a rash.

Cotton can be a great material for bras because it is a natural fiber that breathes well. Cotton bras do tend to be a little bit on the plain side, but it may be a worthwhile trade off if you are really looking for a bra that will provide all day support and comfort.

Most brassieres are made of synthetic blends and typically feature several materials. Make sure that there are no uncomfortable seams which will be exposed to your skin, as the rubbing of these can be quite unpleasant. To be certain of a seamless experience, try a t-shirt bra.

The Underwire Question

Some men and women view underwire as the very devil. I don't think it is that bad, but it can admittedly be less comfortable than bras which have no such underlying structure. If you are going to be quite active in your bra, think about investing in one without underwire, as non underwire bras normally sit better against the body and provide more support during movement.


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    • profile image

      Jim 8 years ago

      I have found that the Cup/Band ratio makes a big difference in the fit and feel of my bras. Although I measure 44-46 inches band size I am just a Nearly-B and I have found that some bra manufacturers, i.e., Vasserette, Hanes include lots more stretch in their bands than others. I am normally wearing a 38B now. Oh, and another embarrassing factor to consider is don't wear a black or dark colored bra under a white or light colored shirt unless you really do not mind it showing.

    • profile image

      GoneNylon 8 years ago

      In today's paranoid "National Security" culture, a man might also want to consider the interplay between clasps and underwires and metal detectors. For those men who want to wear a bra but not necessarily broadcast the fact to the world, a metal detector can be a real hindrance and the antagonist for a very embarrassing situation. In those cases, a pullover sports bra might be the better choice. Another benefit of such a garment on a hot day is the fact that the sports bra is absorbent and wicks moisture from the body, giving some relief from those crescent moon sweat stains on a man's dress shirt that lend a slovenly look to an otherwise put- together suit or sportcoat ensemble on a hot day. Undershirts do this, too, to a certain extent, but not to the degree that the sports bra does.

      As to fit, the biggest problem in fitting a brassiere designed for a woman to a male figure lies in the distance between the cups. An A-cup bra, for instance, may provide just the perfect containment to a male breast, but be spaced closer than the male breasts are. This is a difficult issue that is not solved by an extender. Ultimately, as more men choose lingerie for support of their busts, designers will take male dimensions into account. Until then, one solution is to go DOWN and band size and UP a cup size, the cup/band ratio being a series of rising equivalences. For instance, instead of looking for a 42A, try a 40B. That's where the extenders then come in handy.

      Thanks for keeping a focus on these issues, Hope. In the world of search engine algorithms, you've become the most common answer to the query "bras for men." That speaks volumes to the quality of your advocacy.

    • supersteve profile image

      supersteve 8 years ago from london

      i would love to find a good bra that fits propley and looks nice i dream of that day

    • profile image

      Cyndie D 8 years ago

      Good advice. The old saying when you find a pair of shoes that fit, buy them in every color also applies to bras. When I find a bra I like I try to purchase several colors. VS, Second Skin Satin is one of my favorites, they have been around a long time and usually have new colors every year.

    • profile image

      threesweds 8 years ago

      Hope, you are exactly right, a bra has to feel right and fit right to be of any use. With so many styles, colors and fabrics available it can be quite confusing finding the right bra. I sure don't know how women do it, but it sure is fun to browse through the lingerie section looking for that perfect bra. I wear bras because it is women's lingerie and I enjoy the feel and sensation of knowing I am wearing a bra that women around me might also be wearing. I really like the racerback bras for their fit and the straps that don't fall off the shoulders. But lace, colors, and a little padding are exciting when I want to show off that I am wearing a bra in public.