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Finding Free Tummy Tuck – Knowledge and Tips

Updated on August 21, 2011

Looking for free tummy tuck? This hub reveals the secrets behind free tummy tuck. Such as whether it is reliable and where can you find such an opportunity.

Overview of tummy tuck

Tummy tuck, also known as abdominonplasty, is a cosmetic surgery to reshape your belly in a short period of time. Tummy tuck is suitable for people who are having unwanted fat accumulation in the abdomens, or for women with sagging bellies or stretch marks after pregnancy due to lack of proper exercises and postpartum cares. In some cases, patients have already taken abdominal liposuction surgeries but had no noticeable results, doctors usually will recommend tummy tucks to these patients to achieve better shaping results. Tummy tuck is a relatively new type of plastic surgery with decades of development, its methods of operation continue to improve in recent years, the most common methods currently used by a plastic surgeon can be divided into the following types depending on the extent of the surgery: 

1, Complete tummy tuck, or full tummy tuck. This is a type of surgery that reshapes the whole abdomen area. Generally speaking, in the procedure of a complete tummy tuck, several incisions are made around hips and surrounding navel skin, then skin is detached so that extra abdominal muscles and fat are removed and tightened. The procedure also involves reconstruction of belly button and drainage of excess body fluids.

2, partial tummy tuck, or mini tummy tuck. This refers to the reshaping surgery that focuses specifically on lower abdomen, it applies to those with a mild flabby lower belly. Compared with complete tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck has fewer incisions and quicker recovery. In the process of the surgery, smaller incisions are made around lower belly and the skin is detached to show belly muscles and fat that needs to be reshaped. Then the surgeon will remove those extra fat from the abdominal wall and stitch the flap back into place.

Are free tummy tucks reliable?

If your belly fat can be removed just by liposuction, doctor will usually recommends an abdominal liposuction for you, however, if the doctor thinks a tummy tuck is more suitable for you and you are going to have better result, then you should consider having a tummy tuck. Generally speaking, the price of a tummy tuck is more expensive than an abdominal liposuction, it’s not something that anyone can afford. That’s why knowing how to find affordable or even free tummy tuck has become a major concern to many people. The price of a tummy tuck is closely related to many factors. In general, the more advanced medical facilities are, the more experienced doctors are, the better the surgery result might be and the higher the cost will be. You need to find more cost-effective operations.

The typical why of finding free tummy tuck information is by looking through local newspapers or the Internet to find out which medical institution is providing the service in your area. Then you should start telephone counseling for price information from several different medical institutions, and then make a preliminary selection at the end of this process. Please note that the best way that you can find out more about the medical institution is by listening to the comments and suggestions from other patients who had previously done the same kind of surgery in the same place.

Finally, there is a method of greatest risk, but you will probably find free tummy tuck. That is by looking through all kinds of tummy tuck ads in the newspaper or on the internet, where you can find that some medical institutions are willing to provide "free tummy tuck for you" or you just need to participate in their activities to win a free plastic surgery with these institutions. However, most of us would wonder whether the information is reliable? Why are they willing to provide free tummy tuck? The reason is that this is actually one of their commercial activities, these institutions want to expand their influence and enhance their images through the activities, so they offer free abdominal plastic surgery. But for those who want to have a free tummy tuck, they must agree before the operation to participate in their commercial promotion activities, or appear in advertisements. If you did get a free chance of tummy tuck, please note that, before signing the final surgery agreement paper, you must be very careful to verify the terms of the agreement to make sure that your rights are properly under legal protection.

Some tips for tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is a large plastic surgery that has its own risks, so you should be very careful to do preoperative evaluation. People having obesity need to lose some weight before they can take the surgery. And those having hypertension or diabetes should first make sure their diseases are under control with no risks of instability before the surgery, they will also need analysis and evaluation from a qualified plastic surgeon to make sure the most appropriate way of the operation is selected and maximum satisfaction are met.

Surgical complications may occur, including swelling, local skin necrosis, wound dehiscence, scarring and the most severe fat embolism, etc., but these complications can be properly addressed in advance in the hands of experienced plastic surgeons.


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