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Finding Lip Fillers in London used

Updated on August 27, 2016
Before and After Lip Fillers
Before and After Lip Fillers | Source

Lip Fillers London

London is a vibrant city often influencing the world when it comes to innovation and new products. In fact, many celebrities fly to London to enjoy the myriad new and fresh anti aging solutions. Who are we to argue with celebrities? If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for us.

Anyone nearing 40 can benefit a little help 'from their friends'. In this instance London's clinics are indeed our friends. The mouth is a symbol of sensuality and youth and with age this is one of the areas that start to lose volume. More and more women are using lip fillers to combat signs of aging.

Women are always experimenting with lipsticks; using lip pencils to define the outline of their mouth and trying different coloured lipsticks to make their lips as attractive as possible. Today the use of permanently tattooed lipliner, along with lip fillers, can give ladies their ideal mouth and avoid the constant reapplying of lip pencils and lipsticks.

News items of celebrities and other women having disastrous "trout" lips from over filling or a botched job, make many women nervous about the idea of lip fillers, but as long as they choose a reputable clinic with expertly trained professionals, this should not be a problem. Lip fillers London clinics use modern procedures that have come a long way from the original collagen injections for lips.

The key word here is "Natural" as this is the desired result; that although enhanced with lip fillers, the mouth should be natural looking and show no signs of the procedure. It is said that the lower lip should be around twice the size of the upper, with a guideline that the lower lip should be two thirds of the total size of the mouth, and the upper lip one third. Lip fillers are expected to last one year, more or less, and so ladies often choose to have a little enhancement the first time and then maybe a little more the next time, so that the increase in size is less noticeable. Today lip fillers include not only the lips but, also the 'marionette' lines that cause a face to look as though it is sagging. Those are the lines from the nose to the mouth corners and worse the lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin.

Popular methods Lip Fillers London Clinics are using include:

Dermal Fillers

Some of the fillers used contain Restylane, which are popular since they have no side-effects. Smoker's lines can be erased, cupid bows enhanced which all leads to a more youthful appearance. London's clinics are better choices since they are run by doctors and all procedures follow correct medical practice and safety comes first. Restylane lasts for approximately 6-9 months depending on a person's metabolism, then is absorbed into the body:There is a little swelling at first, but this calms down quickly.

Juvaderm Ultra Smile

Juvaderm is a market trailblazer which not only fills in fine lines, lifts drooping corners and corrects marionette lines, but also moisturises lips from the inside out. Juvaderm is a range of smooth gels that restore volume in the lip whilst enhancing appearance. It can also bring back elasticity to the decolletage, hands and neck which really bare testimony to the fact that we are aging.

There are so many different approaches it is always best to check it out for yourself and book a consultation. Then, at least the doctor can advise you further and ensure that you get the right cosmetic enhancement for your lips. London,although traditional, has always been a new and exciting place to be, and if you are looking for lip fillers, London is always moving ahead faster with innovative new ideas.


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