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How to get supplies to make a wig or lace closure

Updated on January 2, 2015

Making a wig

Making a wig is harder than it looks. With me being a fan of hair pieces I thought me and my daughter could make our own wigs. We watched several YouTube movies that gave wonderful instructions on how to make hair pieces.We thought making a lace front wig would be easy, but it isn't as easy as it looks.But before we got started we had to get the supplies that are needed ,and where I am from finding supplies is even harder.For starters ,my daughter has been trying to make a wig for several weeks. During that time she has searched the internet and community for hair supplies. We started out by going to our local fabric store. We thought we would find sewing supplies like needles and thread at a low cost. In fact, were so excited when we saw some lace .It got even better when the sales person said that was the same lace the college students used to make wigs for theatrical productions . We thought we hit the jackpot! We bought a couple of yards.

Sadly, we were close but the lace didn't work. This lace was too flimsy.Weird we thought since the salesperson told us it was the same lace students used at the local college.I should have known this was the wrong lace.Wigs used in plays are always horrible.So we continued our journey.

We found a company

Our search was on. We went to all the local hair stores but no one sold lace. In addition,when we asked them if we could order some from their supplier they acted as if that was impossible. We had no choice but to hit the internet.Thankfully we finally found a company that was helpful. His and Her hair Goods was the company. My daughter called at least twenty times to talk about the products. Every time the costumer service associates were very courteous and helpful. The sales team went through the website and explained products repeatedly .She found what she was looking for and ordered it. The product was at our house two days later. We were shocked because we thought it would take five days.

What a great company! We will use them again in the future.

What we liked most

  • Friendliness
  • Great customer service
  • Price


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  • msshandriaball profile image

    Shandria Ball 3 years ago from Anniston

    Yes we were very satisfied with our lace, and good luck with your project .i'm sure his and her could help with any questions .

  • profile image

    kammibrown 3 years ago

    Did what you ordered work out good for you? I have been in search of net or lace and it is so frustrating. I want to make a glueless front lace wig and not use the clips either. What kind of material did you get? I am sewing wefts on the back only as well. I think with wefts you should use stretch net?