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Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring for Her

Updated on July 18, 2011

You’ve found the right woman. You’ve fantasized about buying your dream home, having kids, and even growing old together. Sadly, you never pictured the ring your future wife would wear in these scenarios. In fact, just the thought of trying to determine what she would pick sends you into a cold sweat. This is the ring that she’ll be wearing for the rest of her life and it’s all about finding the perfect engagement ring for her.

Take a deep breath…there’s no need to panic. Finding the perfect engagement ring for her is a lot easier than you think. But you will have to do some sleuthing. The first thing you need to know is her ring size. If she already has jewelry for her ring finger, this is easy to find out. Simply wait until she takes it off, sneak away with it, and then try it on yourself for size or trace an outline for the jeweler. If she doesn’t wear a ring, pay close attention the next time she tries one on. Almost all rings have the size listed on the tag. As a last resort, call her mom or sister. They can always find a covert pretense to get her size (and they will certainly want in on the secret!).

The next thing you’ll need to know is her style. Again, this can be easily ascertained from her current ring collection. Take some snaps with your cell phone and bring them to a jewelry store. A good jeweler should find some common elements to help you choose. However, if she’s not much of a ring-wearer, it can’t hurt to go to the source. Casually stop by a jewelry store the next time you’re out shopping together and ask what she likes. Whatever she picks, you’ll get an idea of her preferences in terms of setting (modern or antique), cut, and color. Yes, color! In the last few years, colored diamonds have become much more popular, making it easy to find a ring for the woman who wants something unique.

If you’re still having trouble, appeal to the jeweler. An industry professional will have a good idea of current trends and should be able to help you pick the right cut, color, clarity, and carat, not only for her taste, but also for your budget. Don’t be afraid to ask…you’re not the only one who needs help. Remember it is all about finding the perfect engagement ring for her and even if you have to get her involved in the shopping, I’m sure she won’t mind.


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