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Firemen Tattoos

Updated on November 11, 2015

Why Firemen Tattoos are Growing in Popularity

Firemen tattoos have definitely become a huge hit over the years. In a number of ways the popularity being the result of the 9-11 tragedy, where they stood so tall and gave their lives attempting to save the people trapped in the twin towers.

So there is definitely a major theme of 9-11 running through tattoos of firemen, but there is a general theme as well, showing the heroics, cost and exhaustion accompanying the ups and downs of battling fires to safe building, but most importantly to save lives.

Because there are some wins and some losses, the job can be an emotional one, as evidenced by some of the firemen tattoos you'll see below.

Tattoos or any art that tell a story beyond what words can say is always important, and most of these below do that and more.

The fallen brother firemen tattoo below sets the tone for this particle article on the subject, as it points to what the vast majority of firemen feel like as they spend the days and years together in training, living together, and ultimately facing danger while relying upon one another.

The words more than the image, say it all.

Fallen Brother Tattoo

While it doesn't say it outright, this is one of the 9-11 tattoos including a fireman; in this case with Angels and holding the American flag.

The pure emotion emanating from the scene with the hanging head and comforting angels speaks volumes to the reality of what happened that day and the aftermath.

The fireman's cross tattoo is another nod towards the awareness of danger and comraderie firemen face every day. It's hard to comment a lot on them because the images speak so much for themselves.

Fireman's Cross Tattoo

With a cursory glance you wouldn't think too much of this tattoo other than it's well done and has some nice lines to it, and I like the color used.

But add to it the sense of foreboding on entering a dangerous area as revealed in the way the axe is being held, and the mask not revealing a face, and it's really a very powerful tattoo. It's among by favorites in the genre.

What's different about the tattoo below is it isn't so much a story being to in my opinion, but more of a work of art. You don't get the feel of mystery and a message, but someone that is geared up to do their job. It's really a nice piece from the point of view of a quality work.

The tattoo of lost firemen from 9-11 speaks volumes, and the angels at the top holding the banner with the names on it as if they've received them into heaven is quite arresting.

I can't confirm it, but it also appears he may be standing in front of a case with the photos of those that lost their lives that day from his squad.

Also the torch of the Statue of Liberty completes the overall statement this image makes.

As with military tattoos and images, it's hard to not view these of firemen and not feel what they felt and sense the losses that they have suffered. Not only on 9-11, but throughout their storied history.


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    • Eric Prado profile image

      Eric Prado 

      7 years ago from Webster, Texas

      Great hub. My fiancé is a firefighter and has a few awesome firefighter tattoos as well. I vote up. =)


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