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First BOXYCHARM! -December Box '17

Updated on January 15, 2018

Signing up with Boxycharm was quick and easy online, I filled out a beauty survey the same way I did with Ipsy. The survey on Boxy's site seemed more general and not too oriented towards me as the consumer. Ipsy seemed more attentive and regulated what type of questions, but I quickly realized that didn't make much of a difference for the monthly Ipsy bags.

Most of the products don't need to be personalized unless its a foundation or concealer tone they are trying to match you too. I've had Ipsy up to a year and a half and I never received either; so the question on their survey that I clicked "yes" too almost seems pointless.

Nonetheless, Ipsy had great samples to try, but I was ready to try the full size products that Boxycharm offers.

What Was in The Box!

In my first Boxycharm order I opened the small box to find a beautiful display of their products nicely ordered.

Two of the products I received were for the face. A bronzer from "Beaute Basics" and a blush trio from "Realher".

The Bronzer: Incorporates gold, deep brown, and a tan tone. If I had to rate it I would give it a 3. A 3 only because the tones were made to include every skin tone to bronze, but by doing that they take away the focus which the person expects the quality of the product to be . For example, in my case if I only use the skinny sliver of brown that will be my tone, but all the colors mixed together turns too dark for my skin.

The Blush Trio: This blush is creamy and I have seen it used on eyelids as an eyeshadow! Looks bizarre as it sounds, but if you want a shimmery look then it looks pretty interesting. I like the deepest shimmer as an eye lid color and the middle coral color as a cheek color! (P.s has anyone tried it on lips?)

Crown Brush: I received the exact Crown Brush in my last IPSY bag and I use it every once in a while for a sharp contour brush. I've recently repurposed my blush brush as a bronzing brush and now this crown brush I use for a contouring purposes. I like that its a firm brush and holds the product, so it is best to pick up a little product at a time so you don't apply a quick blotch on your cheek.

Tartiest Mascara: This mascara is great for a extended, spider-leg, elongated lashes look. If that makes sense! In other words I use this one before I use a clumping mascara such as BIG! from the brand Essence to brush them out first and apply their first layer of mascara.

Pretty Vulgar Lipgloss: This lip gloss is a beautiful shade with a bunch of shimmer in it to make it catch the attention of anyone! It lasts long and easily removes. I have never tried this brand before, but their packaging is very cute! I love the roses on the top of the package.


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