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Fishnet Pantyhose large sizes

Updated on August 22, 2012

Poster fish net pantyhoses

Pantyhose with seam
Pantyhose with seam | Source

Fishnet hoses

I remember those days when the stockings had a seam in the back. The women always turned around in a really gracious bend to straighten these seams now and then.

But to wear pantyhoses looking like fishnets were braver, more challenging and probably not viewed so fondly of all men. When the evning gown came out and the smoking party was the event, then the fishnet pantyhoses came out with or without seams. The nets are in different sizes and colours. Browse and remember and enjoy!

What do you prefer?

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Fish net knit

The so called fishnet is a material with an open, often diamond shaped knit. Fishnet is most often used as a material for stockings, tights or body stockings. These are available in a multitude of colours, though most often sported in traditional black.

Fishnet is usually worn on the legs as fashion, but is also commonly worn in mainstream as a fashion statement. It is generally considered to be a sexy outfit. Fishnets are used mostly as a sort of undergarment, it defines female curves by sticking close to the body, generally making the wearer look more sofisticated.

Fishnet pantyhoses and stockings

Stockings or pantyhose

We like different stockings. When the pantyhoses came, I was so happy to get rid or the garter belts. And Now, my husband want me to wear them again! Can you imagine? ?=


If you prefer stockings, you need a garter belt

Who cannot love this lady?


Are you a fishnet hose type or not? Tell me!

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    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 7 years ago

      I haven't had FishNet pantyhose for many, many years. I was just a kid. Very sexy though for adults :)