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Fitflop Oasis Thong Sandal for Women

Updated on April 30, 2012
FitFlop Oasis Thong sandal in chocolate. mmmmmm.
FitFlop Oasis Thong sandal in chocolate. mmmmmm.

FitFlop Oasis toning sandals

The FitFlop is the toning sandal revelation which has been keeping women’s legs and butts in trim for three years now. Whilst it was the FitFlop Walkstar which launched the brand, the FitFlop women’s Oasis thong sandal is one of the bestselling FitFlops in the whole range. The Oasis sandal offers class, classic styling and soft suede making it one of the most attractive and versatile models of toning shoes ever produced by FitFlop

The FitFlop story

The FitFlop was the result of Spa&Bliss spa chain founder Marcia Kilgore's bored daydreaming. She was wondering whether it was possible to get more of a tone up during everyday activity to help shift cellulite, inspired by a particularly dull meeting on the troublesome condition. If more of a workout could be incorporated into walking, women would be able to tone throughout the day and get rid of cellulite, burn fat, and get great looking legs. What's more, it wouldn't even take any extra effort! Oh, if only it were possible!

2 years on and she had created the FitFlop, albeit with the biomechanical expertise of Dr. David Cook and Darren James from London Southbank University.

The FitFlop builds the gym into every step and allows you to tone while you walk. It is the toning sandal which started the lifestyle footwear craze back in May 2007. The FitFlop offers unrivaled toning in the legs and bottom, by far the best style on offer from any toning shoe range and it now caters to both men and women for year round toning.

The shoes have been independently tested at Salford University and the test results demonstrate that the FitFlop increases muscle activity in the gluteus by up to 30%, the hamstrings by up to 16% and the calves up to 11%.

And now there are FitFlop boots for winter toning, featuring the same soft suede uppers as the Oasis, with a great deal more warmth and comfort for the winter.

The FitFlop suede Oasis sandals

FitFlop Oasis Colours for 2010
FitFlop Oasis Colours for 2010

FitFlop sandals are widely regarded as the best toning shoes for women. FitFlop has been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for its benefits to the body, and it is recommended by health professionals for the posture correction and cushioning which the shoe offers.

FitFlops were designed as a vanity shoe, however the extensive arrange of fashionable models has seen this sandal become the number one bestselling toning shoe for summer fitness fun and fashion in the UK. It’s not doing badly in the States either with Oprah Winfrey a notable devotee and sales booming as the summer approaches.

However FitFlop also helps sufferers of many common musculoskeletal conditions to get important pain relief from wearing the shoes. The sandals correct the posture and ease the pressure on the joints. When walking shockwaves are reduced by the posture correction and the EVA foam in the sole does the rest.

By absorbing the force from walking, painful joints are eased removing pain. The FitFlop offers footwear for the recovery of bunion surgery, or for non surgical bunion correction. With the feet naturally aligned the sandals can prevent hammer toes from forming.

Even serious medical conditions can have pain in the joints eased by wearing the shoes Sufferers of sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and chronic osteoarthritis have all been reported to have benefited from wearing the shoes regularly.

With the posture corrected at an early age it is possible to prevent many postural problems from occurring in the first place, so it is no surprise that FitFlop have now started up a range of shoes for children. Children's FitFlops are great for ensuring the bones of the body grow straight at the most important age to prevent problems in later life.

The shoes are also comfortable and fun, so you shouldn't have to have the daily fight to get them on your kid's feet! When they are kicked off in a hurry, the soft and absorptive EVA foam cushions the force of impact with otherwise breakable objects around the house too!

FitFlop sandals started the toning shoes craze in 2007
FitFlop sandals started the toning shoes craze in 2007

FitFlop Oasis Features

The women’s Oasis thong sandal features a stretch-proof suede upper with a circular embroidered central FitFlop motif. The sole is constructed from easy clean EVA foam, which is anatomically moulded to fit comfortably on the foot. An ultra thin suede toe post is supple straight out of the box, so it is not necessary to wear them in. The FitFlop is designed to stay on the foot when walking and not flop against the heel as with standard flip-flops.

The outsole of the sandals is constructed from non-slip rubber to offer robustness and durability, and will help to keep you on your feet with great grip. The sandals have a 1.5 inch heel with a 1 inch platform and hidden away out of sight in the middle is the Microwobbleboard™, the power house of the shoes, where the muscle activation is generated.

The FitFlop Women’s Oasis Sandal is available in a great selection of colours to keep you looking stylish no matter what the occasion.

For this season more colours have been added to the range which now include: Black, chocolate, stone, sand, sky blue, grey, and violet and a pair will set you back around $45 a pair or £40 in the UK.

Do FitFlops really work?
Do FitFlops really work?

FitFlop toning: How does the FitFlop work?

The FitFlop offers an alternative to the rocker sole, the most frequently used method for achieving extra toning in toning shoes and sandals.

Instead, the soles feature an innovative medley of EVA foam with different densities specifically suited to the action taking place in that area of the shoe

In the heel, high density foam offers the maximum shock absorption from a heavy heel strike. The soft foam in the centre of the midsole slows the movement of the foot through the mid section of the stride, activating the muscles whilst giving support to the arches.

Momentum generated from the heel strike propels the foot forward in a smooth rolling motion and in the toe section the medium density foam cushions the forefoot and gives a firm base for the push off, promoting a brisker walking stride.

The Microwobbleboard where it al happens
The Microwobbleboard where it al happens

Do FitFlops work?

The FitFlop is one of the few toning shoes which has had its toning properties confirmed by independent tests, which were completed at the University of Salford by Dr Phil Graham-Smith and Dr Richard Jones of the Centre for Rehabilitation & Human Performance Researce.

Having been on the market for three years, they have also had considerable testing by women of all builds and weights which gives a real test of the shoes toning properties.

FitFlop receive an extraordinary volume of correspondence from pain sufferers for the relief which they have been given. To many women they have been a miracle cure which has enabled them to walk comfortably again. One sufferer of degenerative disc disease was able to get up and about again without pain and claimed the shoes to be better than morphine!

The vast majority of women agree that the sandals are very comfortable, they fit well, that they noticeably ease the strain on the joints, and the muscles feel like they have had a workout from walking, and the shoes do not stretch over time.

On the down side, the shoes do look a little larger than most sandals and only come in full sizes. If you are American it is best to go up a half size for a perfect fit, with European women are better going down a size, as a general rule of thumb. The reason? American women tend to have higher arches than across the pond!

FitFlop benefits

  • Tone the bottom up to 30% more, the thighs up to 16% and the calves up to 11% more than standard shoes

  • Reduce pressure on the lower back

  • Absorb shockwaves to give superior cushioning to the joints

  • Relieves pain from osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, sciatica, heel spurs, RLS and even degenerative disc disease.

  • Reduces knee stress

  • Eases foot pressure concentration

  • Improves the posture

  • One of the cheapest, yet most beneficial toning shoes on the market

  • Constructed to last and not stretch over time

New 2012 Fitflop Sandals from

Firm up the thighs with every step
Firm up the thighs with every step


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