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Fitflops Sandal Toning Footwear

Updated on June 14, 2012

FitFlops - Sandal Toning Footwear - A Great Idea - Or What?

You have to admit it. Creating a fashionable sandal toning shoe - FitFlops - was an inspired idea. I mean one of the problems with toning shoes were their seemingly inherent "chunkiness". One thing is for certain; a pair of Skechers or another like brand were not going to ever be described as chic.

The aim was to develop a fitness shoe that was fashionable enough to be worn everywhere - not just around the house and to the grocery store.

The results were FitFlops which ( as you can judge by the photos to the side) are pretty good looking footwear.

The sandals proved highly popular. Oprah herself even included them in a favorites list.

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The Case for FitFlops

Is Fashion Important to You in a Toning Shoe?

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The Microwobbleboard

Microwobbleboard. It's the technology that activates your leg muscles a little bit more when you walk in a pair of FitFlops.

A tapered mid-sole uses various densities of material in order to give your feet different support at different times in your gait.

Huh? FitFlops just let you get in more exercise while you are doing your normal walking. The scientists say they increase the amount of time your slow twitch muscle fibers are active during each step. They also increase the amount of time your hip muscles work, according to studies.

The EVA midsole absorbs shock and reduces joint strain. It's like walking only a little better.

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The FitFlops Electra

The women's FitFlops Electra sandal is a fine example of the fashionable look available in toning footwear.

Women find them very comfortable to wear all day long. Maria, from the Amazon customer reviews, says her FitFlops have become her "go to" shoes. she recommends them and feels they are highly versatile footwear that she can wear with jeans and a tee shirt or even on a summer evening while on vacation.

Jody reviewed her 1st pair of Fit Flops after having them for 2 weeks. she likes the comfort and tells us she would wear them even without the fitness benefits. This is something happy wearers mention again and again.

For the record, Jody feel she does get some fitness benefits but "nothing mind blowing". She says she could feel it in her calves the 1st week and a half.

Overall, the reviews for these sandals are pretty positive.


Pietra FitFlops

Pietra FitFlops for women are another example of the high fashion available in these toning sandals. The three shiny resin stones embellish these sleek, minimalist sandals.

The bio-mechanically engineered microwobbleboard is designed to activate muscles more by it's differing densities. Studies has indicated ( and customers agree ) that improved shock absorption and relief from foot pressure are also significant side benefits.

Overwhelmingly, women like the Pietra. Many of the over 200 reviews submitted to Amazon praise the comfort of the sandals.

Penny, from Atlanta, has been wearing her Pietra Fitflops "exculsively". She suffers from plantar fasciitis and other foot maladies. In addition to the comfort and relief her sandals provide, they also have garnered several compliments for their fashion.

It's small wonder Penny says half jokingly they will have to pry these sandals away from her!

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