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Changing Lingerie You Can Believe In

Updated on October 13, 2009

Every day brings with it the promise, nay the requirement, of new lingerie. But what lingerie to wear? You have a whole drawer of the stuff and a choice to make every day. Choices are hard, so if you have the chance to delegate some of that decision making to some random person on the Internet, I'd recommend that you take it.


Mondays can be a downer, so wear bright lingerie on Mondays. Red, yellow, pink, take your pick. You probably have a wide range of clean lingerie in your drawer if you did laundry over the weekend, so just make sure you actually get it on and get to work.


You're on the uphill climb, so keep the momentum going with something a little colorful, but also keep comfort in mind. There's a great deal to be done and you could be working late. Cotton or nylon work well on Tuesdays. Tuesday is the one day of the week where you can be forgiven for a little beige on your body, because Tuesday is the one day of the week when work actually gets done.


Chances are you'll have plenty of meetings or other mindless busy work today. Nobody wants to work on Wedensday, so the pretense of working on order and structure take precedence. Try some corporate themed tasteful black lingerie today, complete with underwire. If you really want to take it to the next level, I suggest a garter and stockings.


Do you feel that? A soft breeze. Do you see that? The light at the end of the tunnel. That's right, your weekend is approaching. Have you done all you needed to do this week? Chances are you didn't, so today will be a hectic day of getting ready for Friday. It's possible that your lingerie might not match perfectly today, but at least try to wear bra and panties in the same color.


The weekend has landed! Shine! Sparkle, get on your fancy panties. There's a chance things could heat up at the after work drinks, so you will want to be prepared. Mesh, fishnets, whatever floats your boat, have fun and enjoy the two days of freedom you have before the entire process repeats itself on Monday. Oh, and remember to do your lingerie, or else next Monday will be 'pink spangly bra with the threadbare cups and loose elastic band on old white cotton panties' day.


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