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High Heel Shoes For Men

Updated on October 15, 2009

Buying high heels that fit is hard enough for women, what happens when you're a man? Most shoe manufacturers just don't make their heels in sizes to fit, but fortunately for the modern world, we have the Internet, and through the power of the internet, high heel shoes that fit men are just a click or two away.

The heels shown in this article are available from

I've chosen these shoes because they have a quiet sexy style to them without being too obtrusive. This means you can not only find a pair of heels to fit, you can also wear them out in the world without having to worry about much other than breaking a heel (it happened to Britney, it could conceivably happen to you.)

Without further ado, onto the shoes! (Two of which are actually boots, but who is counting.)

Calf Boot

This calf boot has a lovely 13/4 inch heel, and is styled simply which means that you can wear it out in public without fear of being accused of wearing so called 'women's' shoes. It is available in men's sizes from a 10 to a 15. It is also shiny, and who doesn't love shiny things?

Ankle Boot

All heels for men's shiny pair of ankle boots have similar properties to the calf boots, but a different styling and a two inch heel! Ankle boots are great for men who want to wear heels in public without being hassled by the ignorant, because they look close enough to traditional men's shoes for people to have to pay quite a great deal of attention to so much as notice anything amiss. These ankle boots are also available up to size 15.

Low Heel Pumps

These stylish black leather shoes feature a 1 ¾ heel that makes them quite unobtrustive under suit pants. You'd be pushing the boundaries with these babies to be sure, but if you want to step out in style, sometimes you have to take a risk.

If you like what you see, but cannot find anything that fits, or is quite the same way you see your perfect heels being in your mind's eye, All Heels For Men will custom make a pair of heels just for you. This may be the ony option for men with especially large feet or picky tastes. Still, if you can't splash out on your feet and your passion once in a while, what's the point of it all anyway, huh?


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    • profile image

      legbarer 8 years ago

      I wear high heeled strappy sandals bought by my wife. The only comments I get are whether my bare toes get cold in the winter.

    • profile image

      rman 8 years ago

      I like wearing GOGO boots. To me they are very comfortable to wear. Society needs to be more open to change.

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      wow :)

    • profile image

      freetobeme 8 years ago

      my exgirlfriend told me to wear the high heel boots that she bought for me for halloween out in public and i have done so with and without her about 20 times now the most i ever get is a raised eyebrow if you choose your locations you can do it with no problem

    • profile image

      highheellover 8 years ago

      i wear highheels no less than 5 1nches no platforms when ever i drive,sometimes i go into a store to buy something only if its a women in the store, i always pantyhose and have my toe nails bright colors, right now there hot pink and i love it, my girlfriend freeked at first but when i said who's it hurting she backed off a little i still dont wear it in front of her but would love to dress a little more i think its fun and harmless i'm strait with my feminine side coming out more and more i love to feel like a woman and wish i could do it in public but i dont want the hassel of pig headed society

    • profile image

      pauls_boat 8 years ago

      i love shoes with a small heal up to 2" as they move my center of gravity forward in doing that they make my back relax which for me is great as i broke it many years ago in the army i found out by accident that they reduce my back pain but now any time i can i wear shoes with heels, also i love the school shoes with the T bar and buckle fastening, i went home to england wearing a pair a couple of years ago and went to see my farther in law and he said he loved my shoes and where could he buy a pair for him self i had to tell him i got them in St Thomas us virgin isles in K mart and they were in the childrens section but they had up to size 11.

      i wish i had bought a couple of more pairs in different colours, but never mind one day i will find some more.

    • profile image

      Gunnau 8 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      Histiletto is correct.

      We should be free to express ourselves through fashion as women are but society has put the stoppers on it.

      We are referred to as freaks and weird just because we don't particularly enjoy the clothing imposed upon us.

      There is no harm in freedom of fashion aside from the cruel taunts and impending divorce imposed by less than sympathetic partners who don't see this as much as freedom of fashion but rather a sickness.

      So much for the old saying, "If it feels good, Do it".

    • Histiletto profile image

      Histiletto 8 years ago

      Men and women wearing the heels of their choice should be the social rule instead of the exception. After all, one's personal attire should be that individual's choice for they know what they like better than anyone else. Society has forgotten the rights of individual choice and then created this social order to to back up the usurption of this right.

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      Much more information/discussion at They didn't approve of my preferred user ID and wouldn't me join though. One can always lurk.

    • profile image

      phil (aka phyliss) 8 years ago

      I love to wear heels in public. I bought some lovely "sissy" shoes. They are oxford type with about a 2 inch pencil heel. I also have some adorable mary janes with a 2 inch heel. And mary jane flats. I say wear what you love. It is YOUR life and as far as we know you can only do it once. Go for it. You can not control the thoughts of others. And therefore their perceptions of you are mostly unimportant