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Five Things to Avoid In Baby Clothes

Updated on December 30, 2019
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Baby clothing should not be too tight. Also, look for clothes that can be removed easily as you need to do this task often.

Shopping for the newborn baby is always a wonderful experience for new parents. They often get carried away with multiple options available these days. However, there are many things to be careful and consider before buying your baby’s clothes as there may be a lot of harmful and toxic products that may affect your babies’ health and skin. One of the most important factors while choosing your baby’s clothes is that clothes should be comfortable and gentle enough for the baby’s skin. Also, they should be lighter on your pocket and should be long-lasting. Apart from this, there are numerous other factors to consider while shopping for your little one.

Currently, in the US, you can find a large number of baby stores in Brooklyn, New York who provide good information about the fabric and quality of the baby products they offer. With numerous options available these days in the market, it becomes really difficult to choose the correct stuff for your baby. One should always have the knowledge of what is good and what is harmful or bad for your baby.

Babies grow so fast that you need to shop for them frequently. You would need to purchase all types of products depending on the need. You can find clothing varieties starting from peluche girl clothes which are quite famous these days to boy’s sleepwear and much more. Since babies cannot walk themselves until they are 1 year old, so parents should not unnecessarily spend on buying shoes for your baby. Instead, they can opt for socks which look like shoes and serve the purpose of both things.

Another great tip while buying baby clothes would be that shop from local brands as they often provide good fabric and relatively less price than famous brands. This would save some money in your pocket. One can also go for a mix and match where you can pair good brand denim jeans with a less expensive t-shirt and make them look great.

Baby needs long-lasting and quick-dry clothes as they may need a change of clothes multiple times in a day. So make sure you buy a good quality fabric which should not get torn easily. One important thing to check can be that you buy clothes are washing machine friendly as you may not get a lot of time to spend on cleaning and washing the clothes every time.

Online stores also provide adequate info on the clothes they provide. You should be alert enough to read all the details carefully before you shop online or in-store.

Here’s a list of things to be careful about while choosing clothes for your baby more cautiously.

  1. Always Wash New Clothes –It is highly recommended that you wash every single of clothing that you either buy or receive as a gift from someone because almost all the clothes are treated with chemicals to make them look crisper. That is why all the new baby clothes should be washed with mild baby-friendly cleanser with lukewarm water before you put them on your baby.
  2. A Decorative Piece on Clothes- Commonly,some of the manufacturers attach various types of decorative products on the baby clothes like flowers, buttons or hooks which can come out of the clothes and cause a choking hazard in babies. However, simple cute frills on peluche girl clothes may not be harmful. Parents should always double-check the baby clothes for any product which can be harmful to the baby, although many good brands are taking care of this by designing simple and comfortable clothing for babies.

Also, one should be careful with some hanging decorations like pompom or zipper if they have long tread because babies tend to hold them and try to put them in the mouth. So make sure you look out for all these while buying the cloth and keep your baby safe.

  1. Pay Attention to the Chest and Collar Area – Sometimes the design and embroidery on the baby clothes, especially near the collar and chest can become uncomfortable for the baby and cause irritation in your baby’s skin which can further cause rashes.
  2. Check for Loose Stitching- Sometimes a thread of baby clothes can become loose and baby hands or fingers can get tangled with them. Hence, it is always important to make sure that the stitching is not loose of clothes before you put them on the baby.
  3. Safety Standards of the Clothes - It is said babies clothes do not have to be flame resistant because in such a tender age baby are not mobile enough to expose themselves to an open flame. So the question arises, how manufacturers are making sure that baby clothes are flame retardant especially the ones we buy of girls and boy’s sleepwear online.

One should check the following thing while buying pajamas for the kids

  1. Read Fiber Content – One should buy the clothes which say ‘flame resistant’ and ‘100% polyester’.
  2. Read Care Instructions Properly - Manufacturers perform multiple tests to check the fabric under multiple conditions. Hence, one should always follow the washing and drying instructions that come with the clothes to make sure that it remains good for your children.

While checking all the points mentioned above, one must not forget that at last, the clothes should be comfortable for the baby. Even babies tend to be very stubborn if they don’t like the clothing. Clothing material like cotton is generally soft and lightweight. It would be a great idea to buy babies undervest and rompers made of cotton material. The clothing should not be too tight and babies love to move around. You should make sure that there is enough space for them to move their hands and legs as well. Also, look for clothes that can be removed easily as you need to do this task often.

One should always follow the above checklist while buying baby clothes. This will help you in making sure that your baby is out of danger caused by any of the above-mentioned issues.


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    • Teszra profile image


      4 months ago from Hawaii

      These are great tips for purchasing baby clothing especially washing them after buying.


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