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Five Ways to Change Your Wardrobe and Accessories Without Spending a Dime

Updated on August 19, 2019
Cheryl E Preston profile image

Cheryl enjoys writing articles that save the reader time and money and encourage them to explore do it yourself methods.

Do it yourself makeup and hair styles
Do it yourself makeup and hair styles | Source

1. Make your own cologne fragrance by layering

If you ever get tired of your cologne or perfume but don't have the desire to test or purchase new ones, try mixing together those you already have on hand. Spray a little of one fragrance on your inner wrist, which is recommended as the best place for this experiment. Spray on a second or third cologne then sniff it to decide if you like the combination. If not continue layering by mixing fragrances until you come up with one you desire. You can also utilize your spouse's cologne by adding it to yours for a unique unisex scent. You may be able to create several new colognes without spending one scent. Be sure to spray your mixture on a surface other than your body to see what it smells like before you try it on your own skin.

layer your perfume and cologne
layer your perfume and cologne | Source

2. Make up magic

How many times have you desired to change your look but did not have the money to throw out your makeup and purchase something new? You can do the same thing with makeup that you can with fragrance. Try mixing shades of your foundation to give your face a slightly lighter or darker look. Combine eye shadows and mix lipstick and blush together for totally new shades of color. I know a woman who always applies lipstick to her cheeks, and never purchases blush. She experiments with different shades to get the desired look. If you are not sure about the combinations you create, ask your spouse or someone else for their opinion. See how you look in different lighting to get a better idea. This can be so much fun and saves time and money spent shopping for something new.

If you do not have time or money for a manicure, try layering your nail polish to create new colors. If you have run out, simply file your nails then add a little bit of oil or petroleum jelly to give the look of clear polish. A little olive, vitamin E or Tea tree oil can be applied to the naked lips when you don't have lip gloss or put over the top of your lipstick to add some shine. A very small amount of oil or petroleum jelly can also be placed on eyebrows to enhance them.

Mix and match clothing
Mix and match clothing | Source

3. Mix and Match your wardrobe

Older women can remember when matching suits were popular. A jacket, vest, and pants or skirt were all identical. Today it's difficult to find identical clothing items because it's popular to mix and match. You can do this at home with items you already have. Take a jacket from one outfit and wear it with a skirt or pants from another. If you have suits that match try changing the look with accessories. During cooler weather wear a black blouse, shoes and use a black handbag. In warmer weather change to white accessories. If you have any T-shirt dresses you can wear jogging pants or shorts underneath if you are not comfortable going out in just the dress. Clothing items that are solid in color can always be spruced up with scarves that are multicolored. Stand in front of your mirror and have your own fashion show. Try out differnt things and see how they look. I have a cotton dress that comes just above the knee. I wore it over my bathing suit at the beach, and at home, I put shorts on under it. I went out one evening and wore a pair of od black dress pants underneath. At night I wore it to lounge around the house. I enjoyed using that one item of clothing for so many different looks.

do it yourself hair styles
do it yourself hair styles | Source

4. New hairstyles without a beautician

There are simple ways to change your hairstyle and even the color without having to make an appointment and sit for hours at the beauty salon. If you simply desire to lighten your tresses you can try adding lemon juice or peroxide and allowing the sun to do the trick. Teen vogue says that the color you end up with will be determined by the hue that your hair is now. Blonde hair will get blonder and darker hair may have red or orange undertones. You may want to do a strand test to see if you like what you get. My mother used to sprinkle a little lemon juice or peroxide throughout her hair to simply get highlights. You can also purchase a can of temporary hair color that will wash out if you need a change for a special event.

If you have a side part, consider parting your hair on the opposite side for effect. For long hair, you can experiment with ponytails and buns. Wikihow and other websites have great do it yourself instructions. Black women with coarse hair can use jell or curl products and brush their natural hair until it has curl or wave patterns. If you own wigs or hairpieces that you have grown tired of, go through them to see if they can be salvaged. You may be able to whip them back into shape after washing and stying and use them a few more times. On short notice for a wig that's not fitting tightly enough, use bobby pins in strategic places.

Jewelry | Source

5. Fun with Jewelry

Jewelry is so versatile and can be mixed and matched to create unique new looks. If you own both gold and white gold pieces, try wearing them together. The next time, consider going for all gold or all white. Wear earrings from one set with a necklace or bracelet from another. Layer your necklaces and bracelets to make your look uniquely you. Try wearing antique or dated pieces along with more modern jewelry for your own special look. By experimenting with perfume, makeup, hairstyle, jewelry, and clothing you can utilize what you have in your closet and on your makeup counter, without looking or smelling dated. When you do have the time and money, by all means, update your wardrobe, jewelry, cologne, hairstyle and makeup which will give you even more choices for mixing and matching.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Cheryl E Preston


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    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 

      12 months ago from Ireland

      Good way to change things up without

      spending cash. I like the jewellery idea. Simple but effective.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      22 months ago from The Caribbean

      Helpful and beautiful ideas for a new look. Thanks for sharing.

    • revmjm profile image

      Margaret Minnicks 

      22 months ago from Richmond, VA

      Cheryl, these are very good suggestions!

    • Cheryl E Preston profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl E Preston 

      22 months ago from Roanoke


    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      22 months ago from Sunny Florida

      Very good suggestions for changing your look or trying a new perfume. i really like the wardrobe suggestions.


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