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Fivefingers Footwear

Updated on August 24, 2015

Fivefingers is the product of a company that has lived for innovations in footwear products. These toeshoes are slowly making an impact on how people think about running shoes.

What Is Fivefingers Footwear?

Fivefingers is the inspiration of the Vibram Company. In 1937, 2 men, Vito Bramani and Leopold Pirelli, got together to invent the rubber sole. Since then, the company has provided the rubber soles for shoes around the world. Today, they provide soles for 100s of premium footwear worldwide.

In 2005, an industrial designer, Robert Fliri, proposed the idea of a new type of running shoe to Marco Bramani. This concept eventually evolved into the Fivefingers shoe. This five-toed shoe with the durable rubber sole debuted in 2005.

What Does Fivefingers Footwear Do?

Fivefingers shoes have a simple purpose. They are to restore people to the natural way of walking. By fitting the toes into separate compartments within a shoe, the foot becomes able to walk in a more natural way. This is a barefoot concept of shoe design.

The idea is for the individual wearer to feel comfortable and safe while he or she performs any number of activities. Fivefingers footwear is for fitness training. The shoes are great for trekking, jogging, Yoga, martial arts, ChiRunning, canyoneering, canoeing, climbing and relaxing.

The shoes are touted as good for your feet. While restoring your feet to their “natural” state, Fivefingers shoes also help improve your ability to be mobile. Going natural the Fivefingers way stimulates both the lower leg and foot muscles. This builds up the strength of your legs, overall. In turn, this improves the range of your own motion and mobility.

How Does Fivefingers Footwear Work?

The emphasis of Fivefingers lies in its Vibram soles. The sole consists of various depths or thicknesses of rubber. Some soles are 7-part Vibram. The material consists of anywhere from 2 mm to 4 mm thick. This increases the flexibility of the shoe. It also allows you maximum connection to the ground while being slip resistant. This ability is heightened in the Idogrip technology used in the black sole of the Flow model of Fivefingers.

The upper part of the shoe is made of flexible, durable and soft material. This varies from shoe-to-shoe. Kangaroo leather is common to several types of the shoes, e.g. Moc, Performa, while stretch and breathable nylon is used in KSO. Polyamide fabric is common for Sprint. Neoprene lining is found in Flow. Antimicrobial fibers are used in the footbeds. The combination of materials allows the shoes to be comfortable while being clean and safe.

Who Wears Fivefingers Footwear?

Fivefingers wearers come from many different occupations and interests. Those who are fond of Fivefingers footwear include personal trainers, cross-fit trainers, Pilate instructors, marathon runners and martial artists. Among the better-known celebrities seen sporting Fivefingers footwear is Sergey Brin. He is a millionaire and co-founder of Google.


There are several types of Fivefingers shoes. The major feature of these shoes is the Vibram rubber sole. Made for men and women, but not children, Fivefingers footwear offers several different types. They are made for different sports and/or activities of varied intensity.

Fivefingers footwear does not go in for intricate patterns. There are camouflage designs and two-toned shoes. While some variety is common – more so among women’s shoes, the colors remain the standards. Fivefingers shoes are brown-walnut, black-black, grey-palm, red-black, navy-aqua and similar combinations.

Below is a list of the common types of Fivefingers shoes.

Classic Fivefingers

The Classic Fivefingers shoe is designed for men and women. It features an upper made of kangaroo leather and a 7-point Vibram rubber sole. It is for light trekking, trail running and travel.


Made for men and women, Flow shoes come in various types of camouflage designs. They have a 1.2 mm Neoprene lining. The black sole Flow shoes feature Idogrip for extra stability and increased slip resistance. Flow shoes are for fitness training, canyoneering, kayaking, canoeing, light trekking, boating and surfing.


KSO shoes are for men and women. They come in different colors for men and women. They are the most popular models. The upper consists of stretch nylon and mesh. The sole is Vibram TC-1. The midsole is 2mm EVA. These are for running, fitness and training.

KSO Trek

This is a tougher version of the KSO model. The midsole is 4mm EVA. It is for men only. Uses include light trekking, trail running and travel.


Mocs are a men’s only shoe. The colors are basic black and blue with a footbed of kangaroo leather. The sole is 7-part Vibram leather. The focus is on indoor use including training and Yoga.


These shoes are for women only. They come in violet, coral and black. The material is kangaroo leather for upper. Uses include after sport, travel, fitness and indoor wear.


These shoes are for light training, martial arts and climbing. For men and women, Sprint shoes are of a polyamide fabric with Hypalon straps.

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    • sarovai profile image


      6 years ago

      Natural design with walking comfort. This type of footwear is a revolution as such. Thank u for sharing.


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