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Flattering Wedding Dresses for Big Brides

Updated on January 27, 2014

A Note from the Author

Hi Ladies!

I am going out of a limb here and guessing that if you are reading this article, you are either:

  1. In the market for a wedding dress.
  2. A women's size 14 or larger.
  3. Just curious about bridal gowns.

Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your engagement. This article is written with the primary idea that not all styles of bridal gowns, look fabulous on plus size women, for a wide variety of reasons. What might look great on skinny brides, may look horrible on larger brides and vice versa.

The fact is that women's bodies are completely different regardless of size, with a few anatomically correct exceptions. Despite the exceptions, women reading this article should be privy to that way of thinking, and are ultimately wanting to look their absolute best, on their wedding day. Regardless if that means, their ideal dream dress may not be the best dress for their larger body shape.

If you are a bride who does not care what she looks like in your wedding dress, and want only what you want, then might I suggest that this article, may not be the best article for you draw advice from. However, there are many great hubs on different bridal wear by some amazing authors worth investing sometime in reading and resourcing. I wish you and your's all the best, and the happiest of bridal wear shopping experiences. —Julie Grimes

Perfect Big Beautiful Bridal Gown Shown Three Ways

Click thumbnail to view full-size
All lace bridal gown by Sophia Tolli.Really flattering fit from Wedding Dress Designer sophie Tolli
All lace bridal gown by Sophia Tolli.
All lace bridal gown by Sophia Tolli. | Source
Really flattering fit from Wedding Dress Designer sophie Tolli
Really flattering fit from Wedding Dress Designer sophie Tolli | Source

The Strapless Beauty

Strapless dresses look amazing on younger, plus size, brides. There is not a better dress choice for any plus size bride, who is of an an hourglass, pear, or apple body shape. The strapless dress shows off the beauty of plus size women effortlessly. If a bride is in her twenties, her skin still taunt, and the extra plumpness on her arms are still firm- this is definitely the right choice for her! Strapless gowns on plus size girls are great for:

  1. Showcasing the beauty and rosiness of the brides skin tone.
  2. Showing off her amazing facial features - lips, cheeks, and hair.
  3. Showing off the brides beautiful back line and shoulders.
  4. Showcasing the brides beautiful body lines starting at her neck and extending down to her fingers.

What plus size brides need to remember is that- because of their heaviness, they often times look ten times better, in a particular style of gown because they are fat. Big girls have the added advantage of looking better in a strapless gown, than smaller women because their skin tone is nice rosy. Big women who are plump, thicker, and healthy take amazing photographs. I have been in the bridal industry (in some capacity) for over twenty five years. I have never seen a wedding portrait where a skinny bride in a strapless gown, looked hotter than that of a big girl in the same type of gown. In fact, big women wearing a strapless gown, in bridal photographs often are the prettier bride, than a string bean in a strapless dress. It is unfortunate that skinny girls try to pull off strapless gowns, cause the can never look as amazing as a big girl in a strapless gown. It is because of the extra pounds that big girls carry, which is why they can pull off such a "revealing" dress. If a bride is a size 8 or smaller, a strapless gown should be scratched off her list of options. On the other hand, brides arranging from sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20, the strapless gown should be first on her list. For this wedding feature, I took the liberty of showcasing the classic strapless dress in three unique looks, fabrics, and colors. It is my goal that a newly engaged, plus size, bride-to-be, can see how beautiful this style of gown is on big women.

The first gown featured of the three is one, which I personally am in love with. Its overall simplicity is its wow factor. This all lace, soft white, bridal gown truly allows the radiant beauty of the bride to shine through. Because it is not made of a bulky fabric, the brides beautiful figure looks astounding in this ribbon belted waistline. Its sophication comes from the reality that it is in no way overstated, or overworked with sparkle. It is perfect dress for plump princesses size 12 to size 18. The shoulders are a nice capped sleeve, which is suitable for a formal Catholic mass, daytime, wedding. The bustline is cut straight across, which is fantastic for larger busted brides. It allows them the freedom and supported control to look and feel sexy but, never be too revealing or look too cheap.

The second gown of the three featured looks, is a beautiful champagne colored, Sophia Tolli, silk taffeta, wedding dress. Here you get a glimpse of a real, plus size, bride and how this dress looked on her the day of her wedding. Amazing! The fortunate aspect about plus size women is their ability to pull off heavier fabrics. This dress however, also shows brides how well a lighter weight fabric fairs on bigger brides. Plus size brides can never go wrong in silk taffeta, satin, organza, or lace dresses. Heavier set brides need to stay clear of raw silk, crepe fabrics, and Jersey knit. These fabrics look best on women wearing dress sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and simply are too refining for fat rolls and cellulite. Plus size brides should also shy away from full ballgown style of dresses. They just make a heavyset bride look fat! If a bride wants a ballgown style of dress, the fullness of the dress should never be anymore, than that of this second dress featured. Another selling point for this gown would be the princess cut (non-existent) waistline. Asymmetrical, empire and princess cut waistlines are by far the right choice for plus size brides. It keeps the audiences focus at the top of the gown, and distracts from the waistline giving her a longer, leaner appearance.

The third dress featured is a gown with a sophisticated yet, youthful flare. This is an organza tulle and satin lined, street length dress. What I love about this wedding dress is its pure white color and how well it fits the top half of this woman's body. It does not take a professional seamstress to see that this bride is a very well endowed woman. Even though this dress was altered to properly fit this bride, it would have been almost impossible to get any other style of dress, to look this amazing. Because of the strapless cut of the top half of this dress, a seamstress did not have to reconstruct the front half of the gown. Most alterations for the bustline, on strapless dresses, can be nipped and tucked at the side seams, hidden under the arms. That is a huge bonus for plus size women, because many larger size women boast very well endowed bustlines. The cost of reconstructing front breast darts or adding in gussets to fit a pair of DD's perfectly for a bigger bride, can be astronomical. I have seen larger plus size brides, pay one third of the cost of their gown, in alterations fees. For a $1500 bridal gown, nobody should have to pay another $500 to get a dress to fit properly. Here in the Midwest region of the United States, a bride could have a dress completely made from scratch, for $2000 price tag. Do not get caught up in the idea that a dress can be altered to fit you properly, when a good salesperson starts spouting that nonsense your way. Yes, of course- a dress that is clearly wrong for body shape can be altered to fit you. Sure, it can be but you will pay a dear price for those alterations to be made, and almost always, they are never made to the brides complete satisfaction.

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Mori Lee's Julietta Collections

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Mori Lee Julietta Gown #3091Mori Lee Julietta Gown #3093
Mori Lee Julietta Gown #3091
Mori Lee Julietta Gown #3091 | Source
Mori Lee Julietta Gown #3093
Mori Lee Julietta Gown #3093 | Source

Wedding Buying Advice from Julie

  • Listen ladies, if you are worried about looking fat in your bridal gown, I can understand that. I understand wanting to look beautiful and radiant on your big day, while appearing to be ten pounds lighter. That is why this hub was written. However, if you are wanting a dress that does not show off your plus size figure, I think you are mistaken. Remember that your groom loves your body! He wants to see how beautiful your body is in a wedding gown, which was purchased or made for him. When buying a wedding dress, buy a dress that shows off your curves. Do not hide your body in layers, and layers of fabric. If you are embarrassed of being a plus size woman, he will feel embarrassed admitting to all his buddies that he really loves you this way... You are not buying a gown to be married to your friends in or your mother. No, you are buying a gown for him.

Drop Waisted or Mermaid Plus Size Gowns

Mori Lee has a plus size line that does not cost extra money, if the bride is needing to have the dress made in a bigger size. It is called their Julietta Collection. If you are a bride who loves glamour- this is the collection for you!These dresses are designed with the plus size figure in mind. A lot of the Julietta dresses come with an exquisite drop waistline and tons of bling.

Many of these dresses come in satin or tulle fabrics, accentuated with lots of flowing ruffles, chapel length trains, and rhinestone lace appliques. The long line of the drop waistline, acts as a girdle does. It holds the brides extra poundage in all the right places, and gives her the freedom to look and feel absolutely sexy and beautiful. This amazing collection by Mori Lee also has gowns that come in strapless looks, tank style looks for the woman needing additional support, and exotic one-shoulder dresses, which are stunning on plus size women.

Dropped Waistline Poll

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Video Featuring all Plus Size Models

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  • Byonder5 profile image

    Hillary Burton 

    2 years ago from UK

    Hi, I am no.3 Just curious about wedding gowns. I like lots of satin and lace! !

  • IntimatEvolution profile imageAUTHOR

    Julie Grimes 

    5 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Awww! You have touched my heart! You are 100% right.

  • Ericdierker profile image

    Eric Dierker 

    5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

    Bravo and Bravo. I am a man. with a petite petite wife. and a petite daughter and a large daughter.

    Do I find any more gorgeous than the other. Not likely!

    Beauty is so much the soul and so little the skin. O if only the women I have known knew my love was richer and deeper than a dress size?

    Please let women know that we love them and for what is in them not outside of them.

    (of course that is just one father's opine;-)


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