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How to Do Flat Twist Cornrows Hairstyle

Updated on December 29, 2016
Flat Twist Cornrows with Black Rubber Band Twist Out
Flat Twist Cornrows with Black Rubber Band Twist Out
Flat Twist Styles
Flat Twist Styles
Flat Twist in a Bun
Flat Twist in a Bun
Flat Twist Cornrow Styles
Flat Twist Cornrow Styles

Flat Twist Cornrows Style

Any race of women can wear flat twist in their hair; the flat twist style may be more popular with African Americans/Black people. This style is easy to do, and it can be worn as a classy style or a casual style. The classy flat twist hairstyle can be worn as "flat twist with a bun." Flat twist hairstyles are seen mosly on women and girls.

This style can be worn if you have your natural hair or a perm, also you can add hair extensions to your flat twist. Flat twist can be worn in a diagonal angle or straight back. When wearing this style with your natural hair you can spray a little "soft sheen" on it every 3 days. This style is a great protective hairstyle as well, and the soft sheen helps your hair to grow faster. The soft sheen spray also conditions the hair to make it stronger with less breakage.

Before putting flat twist into your hair, you would want to wash it, condition, and add a hair moisturizer. And then let your hair dry; get a jar of conditioning hair gel such as: Jam, Liv hair cream, or Dr. Miracle Braiding Gel. Apply a half of a dime size amount to help form each flat twist.

  1. You can make 10 or more flat twist in the hair.
  2. Part the hair with a comb, to prepare making a flat twist.
  3. Grab 2 pieces of hair at the beginning of the flat twist cornrow.
  4. Begin twisting the hair piece by piece with a firm hold, and keeping the two strand twist very close to the scalp.
  5. After twisting the whole head with cornrow twist, you can decide to wear a flat twist-twist out style.
  6. The flat twist-twist out style has a small black rubber band between the flat twist cornrow and the end of the cornrow which will be the twist out.

Flat Twist Cornrow Extensions
Flat Twist Cornrow Extensions
Flat Twist Style
Flat Twist Style
$6.98 | Source

Flat Twist Hair Styles

When doing the flat twist extensions you can use any brand of braiding hair. For natural African American hair it might be best to use "kinky braiding hair" brand as an extension for flat twist cornrows such as the "Marley Braid." To make your twist lasts longer you can wear a silky fabric scarf at bed-time.

Names of Soft Sheen Spray

  • Sta Sof Fro
  • S-Curl Spray Activator
  • Carefree Curl Activator Spray
  • African Pride Braid Sheen Spray
  • Proclaim Tea Tree Leave-in Conditioner Spray

Doing flat twist hairstyle will be easy with practice, and you can create your own hair designs with these type of cornrows.

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