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Flexible Silicone Ear Gauges

Updated on October 18, 2010

Silicone Ear Gauges For Great Prices

Welcome to your one stop shop for Silicone Ear Gauges. The great painless approach to stretching your ear lobes with almost no chance for over stretching. No more taper's for your ear to have to deal with. Silicone ear gauges are the newest way for a pain free ear stretching. Ear Gauges that are silicone come in all shapes and sizes for everyone's taste as well as many different colors to choose from. Look here for more Taper and Plug Ear Gauge Kits as well some cool looking Ear Gauges and Ear Plug Gauges

These Rubber ear gauges are easy to use so easy you can do it with one hand. All you do is fold it up and then put it in your ear and let it do it's job. The stretching usually takes a week to two weeks to be fully done with the stretching.

No more taper pins to help stretch your ear and no more worrying about a blow out. If your ear rips when you go to large to fast with the silicone plugs or gauges you still need to go slow but it's alot easier on your ear. Also these make great cheap ear gauges for people just looking to move up in the gauges. You no longer need to spend $10-$20 each plug.  Check out these Metal Ear Gauge Plugs

Save Money and Do-It-Yourself

Now that you can stretch your own ears you can save money at the tattoo and piercing shops.  You can sterilize your stuff yourself and make sure it's clean.  The silicone is easy to clean and take in and out for easy cleaning.  The ear plug doesn't fall out because it stays in your ear because it's fitted to the hole since its stretching it.  Also the outer rim keeps the earring in for you without the need for the rubber bands.  The rubber bands actually can do bad things if not used right.  The rubber bands on the plugs can get to tight to the ear and not let it air out and heal properly.


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