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Foot Pain from Flip Flops

Updated on February 2, 2014

Injuries to Feet & Ankles

Flip flops are one of America's fair weather favorites when it comes to footwear. Flip flops come in all different types of styles and colors, not to mention the wide price range. With many choices to choose from, it can be hard to resist having several different pairs.

Even with the variety of styles to choose from, flip flops are not the ideal choice of footwear for people who have foot problems or do a lot of walking. Foot pain is a common complaint of many people who wear them due to lack of arch support or shock absorption.

If the choice is flip flops or going barefoot, then of course flip flops are the best choice. Other common complaints of flip flop wearers include: heel calluses, hammer toes, and fungal infections between the great and second toe.

Emergency Room Visits

Hospital emergency rooms all across the country see numerous injuries each year that are related to wearing flip flops in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many of these injuries occur while mowing or weed eating, so needless to say, they can be very severe. In rural areas there is an increased risk of insect or snake bites.

Diabetes should never wear flip flops. Diabetics are at a high risk of developing ulcers of the feet due to poor circulation of the extremities, often leading to amputation. Even the slightest injury to a diabetic's foot can cause a wound that is almost impossible to heal.Diabetics should always wear protective footwear. A family doctor can help patients figure out which shoes will give the diabetic foot the protection it needs.

Unnecessary injuries to feet and ankles, such as sprains or sometimes fractures, have been caused by someone trying to run and/or play in flip flops. Wearing flip flops while driving is also dangerous as they can easily get caught between the brake and gas pedals, causing otherwise avoidable accidents.

When it comes to shoe choices the best rule of thumb to go by is to wear what is comfortable and offers adequate support for any chosen activity. Tennis shoes or orthopedic shoes offer the best support and are well suited for excessive walking or outdoor activities such as backyard football, playing tag, or playing tug-o-war with Scruffy. Save the flip flops for the swimming pool or beach.


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      Jacob 3 years ago

      I know what you mean! There are days I wish I could alt-tab the world. "Alt-tab the world I want to get off! :)"Actually I've really been hyper-multi-tasking at work. And it is rbinubg off on real life. I was cooking burgers this evening. But I would swap out to take care of other parts of the meal like making salad, setting the table. And I'd have to wash my hands and dry them after handling the burgers before I would do something else.Then I noticed I did something that was mentally equivalent to what I do at work: after multi-tasking for a while, I stop and try to close as many extra windows as I can. I try to get down to a core 4 or 5.I felt myself doing a mental version of that while cooking dinner. I'd feel like I was losing track of where I was, so I'd stop a moment and go over in my head the tasks I was working on, and seeing if there was any I could just finish so it wouldn't be outstanding.