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Floating is the New Relaxation Trend

Updated on March 1, 2013

Are you stressed out from life? So, you exercise, run, workout multiple times in a day, maybe take a sauna?

The latest trend to relax is being locked up in a tank, filled with 75% water and 25% gypsum salts. You won't sink in your fiberglass 4 ft. wide x 9 ft. long tank. You are immersed in complete silence and darkness, along with only your soul, your thoughts to ponder. It is warm at 93 degrees. It is relaxing, but the first time takes getting use to. There is this odd sense of doom or what if I cannot get out. Fear of the unknown caused by darkness.

So, there you are, spending $75 for an hour to unwind and relax totally. Your muscles are relaxed from the salt, your mind will wonder in many introspective ways. Some claim they have an out of body experience.

This new business began in San Francisco, each tank costs about $10000. Some tanks allow people to enter in upright fashion, most do not. In Europe, this is old news, even though it all started in the 1950's in the USA. The fad came and went to be forgotten. People are required to take a shower first and can wear a bathing suit. For sanitation, ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide are used.

As one person stated, for the first time, a person is resting your brain in a way you have not done since being inside your mother's womb.


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