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Florence, Italy: For Tattoo Lovers Only

Updated on June 23, 2016

El Rana jewelry


A Vampire Novel Unlike No Other

El Rana Jewelry


Maurizio Fiorini


Sacred Heart by El Rana

El Rana's jewelry inspired by vintage tattoos

All things dark and decadent...

Florence is known for its jewelry, specifically GOLD. Tourists love to walk on the Ponte Vecchio where historic gold shops flaunt their wares.

Florentine giglios, classic cameos, pearls, and precious jewels are piled in display cases to dazzle onlookers.

Some artisans in the city shy away from the norm, however. Some of these creative people prefer to make jewelry with themes and subjects that aren't mainstream or commercial.

For those of us who are in touch with our dark side, for those of us who prefer the unconventional, Florence has an underground shop (literally located below street level) that is totally divine.

Fans of Gothic, Steampunk, Tattoos, Vintage, and Rockabilly are sure to fall in love at first sight.

Welcome to ONE Firenze.

Located in di San Piero 2r, ONE Firenze boasts a plethora of cool, alternative jewelry.

At the end of the pietra serena staircase is a shop boasting artwork that could easily grace the sets of Penny Dreadful or a NIN music video (like The Perfect Drug). Skateboards decorated with the same themes adorn the walls.

The creator of ONE Firenze is Simone "El Rana" who was born in 1973 in Arezzo. At age 17, he met legendary tattoo artist Maurizio Fiorini, the pioneer of body art in Italy.

El Rana became Fiorini's apprentice, but quickly came to the realization that loving tattoos (he has several) and creating them are two different things.

At that point, his life took another direction: jewelry making. El Rana has a passion for antique and vintage styles. In fact, his amazing pieces are inspired by old school tattoos (sacred hearts, swallows, skulls, teeth, etc).

Since he wanted to maintain a connection with tattoo artists, he decided to create a shop where people could buy his jewelry AND purchase high quality tattoo art supplies (SUNSKIN).

Managing this charming underground wonderland is a woman by the name of Silvia Pannella. She used to manage El Rano's store in Arerzzo (by the way, there is a ONE Milano, too), and now she runs the Florence store.

Silvia (a tattoo lover) happens to be a talented photographer who enjoys taking photos of people with tattoos.

Cleverly capturing the images of tattooed subjects inside bathtubs full of water, Silvia juxtaposes indelible ink with the cleansing properties of water. The contrast between the two is brilliant. Scroll down to see photos below.

Silvia's work was recently published in an Italian magazine and there may be (hopefully) an exhibition of her work in the near future.

For more information, please visit:

To see more of Silvia Pannella's compelling photographs, please visit her Facebook page: HERE.

As always, thank you for reading.

C. De Melo
Author & Artist

Photos by Silvia Pannella


Penny Dreadful INTRO

The Perfect Drug (NIN)


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