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Fly on a Budget: Looking Great When You're Short on Cash

Updated on November 28, 2010
You don't have to be a millionaire to look great.
You don't have to be a millionaire to look great.

Frugal is the new black. With a struggling economy, many people are looking for ways to maintain their looks for less. Here are a few ways to look good without breaking the bank.

1. Skip the beauty counter

Well, not completely. When choosing the right makeup, make one trip to the beauty counter for a color consultation. Become familiar with the colors that look best on you. Then shop for your foundations, lipsticks and blushes at your local drugstore. They sell all of the same shades of your favorite brands at a fraction of the beauty counter price. Can't give up your designer makeup? Purchase the makeup at the beauty counter but buy the brushes, applicators and sponges at your local discounter.

2. Buy higher quality extensions

Am I seriously suggesting this? You bet!
Many people will buy cheap hair weave extensions to save money. This is a bad money move. Cheap weaves will tangle and become matted and need to be replaced often. Some as often as once a month. In addition, you will be paying to have your hair done every month, which adds up to big bucks.

Think of it this way--if you pay $30 for your discount weaving hair and replace it every month, you will spend about $360 every year for your hair extensions. This can be almost twice as much as purchasing one pack of quality Indian Remy extensions.

Indian remy hair is known to last a year or longer. While the initial price is higher than discount weaving hair, you will save money buy getting your hair done once, instead of every month. Find a good stylist who can style and apply your weave and save $$$.

3. Scout out thrift stores

Thrift stores are the hottest new fashion trend. Scour through the racks and find that designer Evan Picone pea coat that was originally $400 for a mere $8! Or check out the jewelry section for some vintage pearls. Thrift stores are excellent places to find bargains on everything from clothing, to outerwear and accessories.

4. Party with your friends

Have clothes and accessories that are in good condition? Gather those clothes that are taking up space in your closet and invite a few friends to drop by with their duds. Swap clothing with your best pals and get an entirely new wardrobe for free. Have a party every season and you may never have to buy new clothes again.

5. Shop on clearance

Find the nearest outlet mall and scout out the best deals. Find shoes, handbags and clothing at a fraction regular retail. You can even buy discount hair extension weaves! Find a reputable online hair extension retailer and check out their closeout specials. Clearance sales are a great way to finance your finesse for less.

So you're on a budget. You don't have to sacrifice quality. You can still look great without breaking the bank!


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