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Foods That Are Good For Hair

Updated on August 5, 2011

We all remember when Ally McBeal first introduced Portia De Rossi to prime-time television, right? And we can all remember giving the telly dirty looks when she undid her hair and tossed it around like a shampoo commercial. How could you not be jealous of her gorgeous locks? I dunno what she actually does to keep her hair looking that way -- she's so rich, you can't rule anything out -- but I've tried a number of things over the years, and today I'm going to share the 3 things which I think work best.

Mind, I'm not going to get into the debate over what's best for your hair and how much of it you should consume on a daily basis. If you Google this topic, you will find conflicting ideas and opinions, and may well come away more confused than you were to begin with. These 3 items were selected because I've had good results with them. Try them out for yourself, and you might be just as pleased.

Wakame (Kelp)

Yes, you read that correctly. Kelp. This is by far the best food I could name in terms of what it can do for your hair. It's absolutely fantastic. True, it might be an acquired taste, but I eat a lot of Asian food, and I've developed a taste for Wakame soup. It's really not bad, and if prepared correctly, it's pretty tasty. And easy to prepare: Soak it in water for a few mins and heat it up. It's that easy. That, and it's CHEAP!

Wakame contains (per 2 tbsp):

  • Omega 3s: 18.8 mg

  • Omega 6s: 1.0 mg

  • Folate: 19.6 mcg

  • Calcium: 15 mg

  • Magnesium: 10.7 mg

  • It also contains Vitamins C, A, E, K, Iron, a small amount of protein and other minerals which I won't bother listing due to how small their amounts are.


I luuuurve avocado. I became addicted to it when I lived in Texas and had easy access to good Tex Mex on a daily basis. Avocado is not only tasty, but it's fabulous for your hair, as well. Personally, I think you get the best results by eating it straight off the tree, as opposed to eating in a guacamole form (which might contain ingredients you don't want). Try it, you'll like it.

Avocado contains: (per 150 mg)

  • Omega 3s: 165 mg

  • Omega 6s: 2534 mg (!!!!)

  • Dietary Fiber: 10.1 g

  • Vitamin K: 31.5 mcg

  • Potassium: 727 mg

  • Vitamin C: 15 mg

  • Folate: 122 mcg

  • Protein: 3g

It also contains some other things which I won't bother listing -- but these stats ought to be enough to impress you!


If you've never tried tofu, you might be sticking your tongue out right about now, but I'm here to tell you, it's not that bad. Of course, not all tofu is created equally, and some of it really tastes a bit blech to me. Personally, I don't care for the silken tofu, be it hard or soft. I only like the extra firm and textured kind. ( pervy did that sound?) Anyway. Tofu is another fab source of hair food, and you really can't get much cheaper in terms of a food that could sustain you for llght-years and light years.

Tofu contains: (1/2 cup)

  • Omega 3s: 733 mg

  • Omega 6s: 5466 mg (!!!!)

  • Protein: 20g (!)

  • Calcium: 871 mg

  • Iron: 3.4 mg

  • Selenium: 21.9 mcg

  • It also contains loads of other goodies, but the list is too long for this. Believe me when I tell you it's a good source of nearly everything.


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