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Footie Pajamas Are Your Best Winter Sleepwear Choice!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Footie Pajamas Are Warm, Cuddly, And Comforting!

 Footed or footie pajamas refers to a one piece pajama suit that has complete feet covers, like a loose fitting sock, attached to the ends of the legs. Footie pajamas are sometimes referred to as blanket sleepers, but an actual blanket sleeper is acually a one piece article of clothing that looks like two blankets sewn at the sleeves. Footie pajamas are a common type of pajama worn by infants and younger children during cold weather months.

Footie pajamas are typically made from flame resistant material . Other types can be made from terry cloth which is somewhat cooler and keeps the body dry. Most footie pajamas have snaps or zippers that stretch from the toe of one foot up to the collar.

This design makes it easy for toddlers to dress themselves in their pajamas, something they love to do. This is also helpful for midnight trips to the bathroom. The zipper design for babies makes diaper changing a breeze.

For the macho man with cold tootsies: footie pajamas in camo!
For the macho man with cold tootsies: footie pajamas in camo!

New Styles Of Footie Pajamas Are Slip Proof

 The material used for footie pajamas can sometimes be hazardous on hard flooring so manufacturers have started making them with either full vinyl on the bottom, or vinyl grip marks. Not only do they prevent slips and falls but they're also helpful for young children learning to walk.

Some children complain that footie pajamas are too warm, especially those made of fleece. New designs address this problem by incorporating detachable feet or a slit that the wearer can slip their foot through to remove the footie.

Footie pajamas are great for the holidays!
Footie pajamas are great for the holidays!

Would You Believe Camouflage Footie Pajamas?

Women's pajamas with feet that are an integral sewn in part of the leg are a very popular style of womens sleepwear. There are many womens pajamas and mens pajamas that are available in the enclosed foot style and although I'm not aware of any silk pajamas that are in the footie design, (especially in pajamas for men) I'm fairly sure that someone somewhere is offering those for sale right now! There are some men who prefer to sleep in mens boxer shorts to stay cool, and others that prefer footie pajama pants to stay warm. Different strokes for different folks!

Some of the most popular fabrics for footie pajamas include cotton footie pajamas and fleece footie pajamas. These fabrics are the mainstay of adult footie pajamas, kids footie pajamas, and even baby footie pajamas. Footy pajamas are equally appreciated by both genders, and they are not at all for women only. Men's footie pajamas and boys footie pajamas sell in the thousands, and every male who wears them just loves them! Footie pajamas for men can come in very macho designs and styles including camouflage. Now if you've never seen a set of camo mens footie pajamas, you don't know what you're missing!

Footie pajamas are fun for all ages!
Footie pajamas are fun for all ages!

Footie Pajamas Are Great For Everyone: Babies To Seniors!

 Footie pajamas are considered an important safety item when it comes to babies and small children. Heavy blankets have been considered a cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and footed pajamas eliminate this hazard and the need for blankets, by covering a child from neck to toe.

Footie pajamas aren't just for children anymore. Many adults have begun sleeping in footie pajamas to keep warm on cold winter nights! Try a set of footie pajamas on a cold winter night and you'll be a believer too!

An Attractive Selection Of Footie Pajamas

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    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      9 years ago from Toronto

      Personally I can't sleep with anything on, just a cotton sheet! :)

    • openamind profile image


      9 years ago

      Must get some. I have to wear socks at night to keep down cramps.

    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      10 years ago from Toronto

      I knew a lady who wore them 12 months a year... and she lived in Tucson! Yikes! :)

    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      10 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Bet those keep you warm as toast.


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