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Footwear - Dos and Don’ts

Updated on June 27, 2011

Footwear Fashion Tips

High-heel is an inevitable part of our fashion concept—that’s true. But the health hazards that high heeled foot wears bring about is not something negligible. Just like we wash and clean our clothes every day, the footwear too needs to be cleansed on a daily basis.

Foot wears are a part of our dressing style and fashion sense. But the fact remains that foot wears that serve just the fashion purpose is not good for health. When it comes to foot wears, both fashion and health need to be considered with equal weight age. Almost every one goes for high-heeled slippers as part of the fashion. But while choosing a foot wear, it’s the comfort of the feet that needs to be taken into account.


The material with which the footwear is made of, the weight of the footwear, its softness etc. too should be taken care of. Women usually go for high-heeled foot wears because high heels best displays the charm of their femininity. Wearing high heeled slippers make the bums jut out a little more than how they usually are. In this way, the feminine curves are exposed in a quite natural way. But this fashion craze always ends up with back or leg pain. Foot wear for daily use should not be high heeled. Those who want to expose the charm of their feminine curves can save high heeled foot wears for fashion shows and parties.

Things to be kept in mind while you purchase foot wear:

  • The footwear should offer ultimate comfort to the feet. Make sure that it best suits you size.
  • It’s advisable to use foot wears with knot at the back.
  • Watch out while purchasing plastic slippers. Plastic foot wears are usually made using substandard plastics. This seriously affects the health of feet.
  • Plastic shoes which look as if they were made in a single mould may not be good always.
  • Diabetes patients should use foot wears specially designed for them. It’s good if they prefer foot
  • wears that cover the entire foot to those that partly covers.
  • Always choose foot wears that best suits your feet. It’s not advisable to buy footwear without trying it in first place. The size changes from company to company. Different models of the same company differ in their size.
  • Foot wears made of hard materials usually trouble the feet. So always make it a point to use soft foot wears.

  • Cheap foot wears are always available in market for the rainy season. Their quality will be even worse. Rubber slippers will do for rainy seasons.
  • Always use socks while wearing shoes. Never use plastic shoes without socks.
  • Always wear cotton socks. Don’t use a pair of socks for more than one day.
  • Never wear damp socks or foot wears. Use them only when they are dry enough.
  • While purchasing shoes, make sure that they won’t be too tight for the feet.
  • You must be able to move you toe while wearing the shoes.
  • When you buy new footwear, don’t start using it the very first day onwards. Wear it for short time periods everyday until your feet get used to the new footwear.
  • Never forget that the cleanliness of foot wear place a pivotal role in retaining your feet healthy.
  • Clean your footwear daily.


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