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Footzy Rolls | Save Your Feet From High Heels

Updated on August 26, 2010

If you're anything like me, you're irritated by almost everything in your life. Water is too watery, sun is too sunny, and shoes take up entirely too much space. Finally a company has taken note of just how much unnecessary space our collective clodhoppers are taking up and come up with a practical and entirely stylish solution. Behold, the Footsy Roll! Sorry, 'Footzy Rolls' (The 'z' is there to make anyone who still respects the English language grind and gnash their teeth into powder, thus saving space in their mouth.)

Footzy Rolls are shoes you can roll up and store in your handbag for times when you need shoes, but don't want to have to wear them out of the house. These are shoes that come in a handy Footzy Pouch (of course) that is guaranteed to fit inside your purse or clutch (assuming your purse or clutch is big enough.)

But why have these roll up shoes been created? Well, gave you ever been mugged and had your Pumas taken, but still have to walk 50 miles to your Grandma's house in the woods? Footzy Rolls to the rescue!

I'm being facetious of course, Footzy Rolls are actually designed to give women a break from the hideously impractical and indeed torturous shoes that are high heels. We all know that wearing high heels is basically the fashion equivalent of smoking a pack of 20s a day, but women still do it, mostly because we crave attention and approval more than we value our own comfort and health.

Footzy Rolls are designed to be a back up system in case the pain finally outweighs the minimal benefits associated with wearing high heeled shoes. They even come with a useful Footzy Bag that you can store your heinously uncomfortable stilettos in until you get them home and store them in your wardrobe, ready for another day of self imposed foot torture. So whether you're at work, the club, or wandering down a yellow brick road, you'll always have footwear alternatives when you have a pair of Footzy Rolls.

Beauty doesn't always have to hurt, that's the message that Footzy Rolls are bringing to a whole new generation of women. It just has to hurt intermittently, at which point you can swap the pain out for cute flats, shoes that may just save your toes, heels and calves from the horrid specter of high heel related RSI.

So, grab your Footzy Rolls, your Footzy Pouch and your Footzy Bag and Footzy your life.


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