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For Sensitive Skin

Updated on August 20, 2010
E45 Moisturising Lotion
E45 Moisturising Lotion

Dry Skin Skin Care

To me, the idea of using skin care products anywhere on my body has always been a bit of an anathema. Penny, my other half, would ladle on sunscreen, while I burned and as for using anything at any other time, well forget it.

Similarly, when it comes to using other skin care products, Penny's not backwards in coming forwards and as a result, has had the opportunity to test drive a myriad of different concoctions, some of which have ended up in the bin before they're half way through.

Some have remained, standing as it were the test of time - or should that be the test of time on her and I?

She has quite dry skin and needs a dry skin skin care treatment. She's always putting something on somewhere, which I've got used to over the twenty-plus years we've been together but the last thing I thought I'd be doing, would be following suit.

Foot and heel cream
Foot and heel cream

Skin Care Lotion

Having long since left my teens, early twenties and even my thirties far behind me, my body is apparently not what it was. I don't feel any different - mostly, but it seems that some parts, like my skin are not as young as I'd like to think they are.

I don't suppose most men would even give this a second thought, but then I'm not most men and when my elbows and heels started getting dry and gnarled, Penny suggested I did something about it and handed me some skin care lotion.

Of course, I'm not that unlike other men and the thought of having what I could only describe as a beauty regime to contend with, I immediately went into denial mode.

"I don't need that rubbish," I argued, but Pen pressed the point home and explained that what she was suggesting was only to use some moisturiser; a skin care lotion which she argued was no different than me putting on something after I'd shaved.

Since I only needed to do that once a week (I know, it's embarrassing at times), I discovered the ammunition for my side of the argument disappeared rapidly.

Does exactly what it says on the label
Does exactly what it says on the label

Moisturiser for sensitive skin

Of course, I was sceptical. What man wouldn't be? I mean, this stuff's all for women isn't it?

Apparently not and when Penny produced a large bottle of E45 Dermatological moisturising lotion, I felt awfully embarrassed. I know, it's stupid and must be a man thing, but there you go. However, since I have been using it, I've found that it really does exactly what it says on the bottle.

It's a moisturiser for sensitive skin and it doesn't matter where you put it, it's absorbed quickly and doesn't leave behind any kind of greasy residue, it just cools, soothes and moisturises.

I was going to say I only use it on my feet and elbows, but in fact, in applying it in those places, I'm also using it on my hands, which since I'm the dishwasher as well as the cook, I've noticed the benefits big time.

Best of all, it doesn't pong.

As an after shave, I think this will be just what I've been looking for
As an after shave, I think this will be just what I've been looking for

Sensitive Lotion

So here's my tip for all you blokes out there who think that beauty treatments are for women only: Treat your skin right. Although it's shedding and replacing itself all the time, it's not going to do it forever and anyway, this isn't a beauty treatment.

You wouldn't think twice about whacking a bunch of gel in your hair, or aftershave on your face, so what's wrong with treating your skin when it doesn't feel right?

Or would you prefer to just leave it?

Since I've been using E45, I don't have nearly the trouble with gnarly cracked skin on my elbows or that unsightly hard skin on my heels either.

What's most impressive is that when I have occasion to play my drums, which is usually about three times a week, I invariably come away with blisters, which E45 soothes nicely. I'm pretty much used to them by now, but I've been kicking myself that I didn't try some of this sooner as I could have got past the stinging in the bath or shower if I had.

I think the next product on the list for us is the E45 Facial for after I've shaved. Anything that can reduce the inflammation I suffer whether I wet or dry shave will be welcomed.


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    • Nick B profile image

      Nick B 7 years ago from Normandy, France

      Thanks Lills. I don't feel bad, I'm just trying to get used to the changes age brings about :)

    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Hey don't feel bad. Men don't have a problem putting products on leather jackets, chaps or saddles. Just think of it as an Upkeep thing...Love this Hub. Thanks