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Forward Helix Piercing

Updated on May 9, 2012
A Triple Forward Helix Piercing
A Triple Forward Helix Piercing

Where would you place a forward helix piercing? After all, if someone asked you to point to your forward helix, could you? Well, don’t worry you are probably not alone, but it isn’t really one of the bodies mysterious places but is situated on the ear.

The forward helix is a piece of cartilage at the top of the ear just above the tragus and slightly to the front as in the picture below. Most piercings of the ear are made in the lobe part or sometimes towards the back of the ear, but the forward helix is becoming an increasingly common place to have a piercing.

Because of its location however, although these piercings tend to be quite small, a forward helix piercing can prove quite uncomfortable for a while. The cartilage there is very sensitive so expect some wincing during the piercing itself but even once the jewelry has been placed, it is likely to be very sore for some time afterwards. Your piercer will advise the best way to care for your new piercing but you should try hard not to touch it and if possible, not sleep on that side of your face to avoid as much contact with it as possible.

It is of course possible to have two or three forward helix piercings done and this can look effective if the right combination of piercing jewelry is chosen.

A variation of a helix piercing is the deep helix piercing. This is situated very close to where a forward helix piercing would be made but is on the inner part of the ear, perhaps a centimetre or so from where the forward piercing would be although that of course depends on the size of the person’s ear.

Both of these helix piercings can look very attractive but as stated, they can be very sore for quite some time afterwards due to the tenderness of the area where the piercing is. Of course, as always, if you are thinking of getting a forward helix piercing or a deep helix piercing, you should make sure that it is done in hygienic surroundings and by a qualified and reputable piercer. Don’t cut corners on this or you could end up with an infected piercing and that really would be painful!


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    • profile image

      Brittany 3 years ago

      I got my forward helix pierced (just one, although a may go back and make it a triple) and I expected it to hurt way more than it did. I just felt him messing with my ear. I'm a big wimp and can't tolerate pain so that really says something. The saline solution at the end hurt more than the actual piercing.

      I slept on it the first night I had it and everything. Very painless :)