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Fossil Dress Watches Review: Chronograph, Analog, Dual-Time

Updated on January 9, 2015

Surprising Experiments

Fossil Dress Men's takes several design approaches, some more experimental than others, all unified by the common goal of projecting understated sophistication. There are no bright colors in this one; black, brown and aristocratic champagne dials on round, rectangular or tonneau-shaped cases provide the necessary restraint and class needed for the dressy occasion.

Borrowing ideas from high-end watchmakers, Fossil treat the dials of the watches as a free space, sometimes with surprising results.


This collection includes three main lines: chronographs, analog and dual-time watches. Despite the range of functions, all pieces retain a sense of seriousness that may elude, for instance, some Fossil Sport models.

In both rectangular and round-shaped timers, the functionality remains limited to the dials, while the outward parts, such as the case, the bracelet or the strap, display an unmistakable streak of restraint and elegant composure.

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Fossil Dress Men'sFossil Dress StrapFossil Dress GreenFossil Dress BraceletFossil Dress Two Tone
Fossil Dress Men's
Fossil Dress Men's
Fossil Dress Strap
Fossil Dress Strap
Fossil Dress Green
Fossil Dress Green
Fossil Dress Bracelet
Fossil Dress Bracelet
Fossil Dress Two Tone
Fossil Dress Two Tone


Fossil Dress Men's are most notable for the coal black and dark brown models: they project an intriguing and mesmerizing sense of mystery.

These watches work like magnets – character, leadership, or even sex magnets – and they can be a powerful personality amplifier.


Ladies variations include some of the most extravagant watches in the affordable market.

There are miniature pieces that fit in into a bracelet as a link, extra-slim elongated timers that hang on a chain bracelet, and, the prize heart-shaped design, supported by an open-link bracelet (heart-shaped links).


At its core, Fossil Dress is a traditionally inclined collection. The range of colors is limited to quiet hues, and many of the watches sport a classic bare look.

As if to compensate for the outward “good behaviour”, the brand experimented with the dials, creating some unusual compositions that no doubt will please those of you who seek originality above all.

My favorites include various dual-time models, where the main hour and minutes hands have been moved off the center.


Color continues to play an important role in Fossil designs. Men's collection introduces two-tone bracelets and faces that combine two matching colors: gray and black, gray and blue, and so on – one color usually providing a quiet background suitable for dressy watches.

Materials and Movement

Two additional materials adorn some of the more elaborate variations: iron plates and diamonds.

All men's watches contain a quartz movement (centered seconds hand), backed by the trademark 11-year (limited) warranty.


Fossil Dress watches cost from $65 to $125, the majority being priced somewhere in between – but looking much more expensive. Trusted eBay sellers usually offer timepieces for a sum that's up to 50% lower than the official retail price.


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