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Fossil Sport Watches Review: Chronograph, Analog, Multifunction

Updated on January 6, 2015

Fossil Sport

Fossil Sport collection presents a set of expressive watches designed in a range of shapes, colors and materials. This is an affordable collection, most watches being priced between $65 and $145, and it appeals to a variety of tastes.

For instance, the brighter pieces will suit more outgoing personalities, while timers with more gray on the dials will fit more relaxed types. Either way, the main effect of wearing a Fossil Sport watch is of undeniable strength and confidence.


Three main categories comprise the collection: chronographs, analog pieces, and multi-functional watches. The chronographs include the ever important stopper function, the multi-functional Fossils contain a calendar functionality (date and day of the week), and the modest analog timers narrow complications down with a simple date.

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Men's watches stand out as the muscular and more aggressive timers. Massive bezels and clearly charted dials accentuate these traits without too much reservation.

Complications redefine some of the watches: lack of functionality makes a straightforward timepiece, chronographs look more complex, and even intimidating.


Fossil Sport Ladies' avoid some of the “muscle mass” excesses, and add finesse instead. Ladies' collection continues to experiment with shapes and sizes, offering a variety absent in the opposite sex department. Wide use of crystals adds a touch of elegance.



Fossil Sports offers an unusual variety of bracelets. Metallic links or bricks in various sizes, shapes, and dispositions create chain, wall, or otherwise looking bracelets, all streamlined and modern inspired. Though straps are also available, it's the bracelets that add, I think, the extra touch of sophistication.


The timepieces feature two case shapes: square and round. The classic round shape is nothing new in the watch industry; every self-respecting watch company offers round watches, and most collections rely on the classic universal circle.

It's the square models that will surprise you – these are extreme looking watches that appear to defy circumstances, and carry their own unique aura. I love the square watches for their originality, and the round for their nonchalant, self-assured look. Look out for the unusually microphone-shaped hands.


Color takes design precedence, as the collection can be categorized as either brash, quiet, deep or forceful according to the color of the dials or the straps. Men's collection employs orange, yellow, gray, white, black, deep blue, and burgundy to suit varying tastes and preferences. Women's watches appear in softer, pastel tones: green, velvety orange, and pale blue, pink and green.

Materials and Movement

Fossil Men's Sport keep the prices down by using inexpensive materials, mostly stainless steel and silicon. These unassuming materials provide water resistance (up to 10 ATM) and encase powerful quartz movements, which Fossil back by an 11-year warranty.


Depending on the materials and the complication, Fossil Sport watches can cost up to $145 apiece, the simpler models going for half that price. Chronographs are usually the more expensive models. Trusted eBay sellers offer timers for usually half the retail price.


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