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Fossil Starck Watch Review: Digi, Veiled, Starckore, O-Ring

Updated on January 5, 2015

Towards High-Fashion

Fossil Starck offers the company's most enigmatic and high-fashion oriented watches. These are conceptually constructed timepieces, designed in unique, sometimes groundbreaking ways.

The man behind the concepts in the notorious Philippe Starck, an artist of many skills and ideas. His contribution to this brand pushes the envelope in the field of wrist watches design.


Fossil Starck includes several lines of watches: Crystal Clear Digital, Veiled, Starckore, Satelitum, O-Ring, Palindrome, Cross Digi, Deux Temp, Tailgate and Rumeur. Each line features a characteristic look, but the idea behind all watches is similar – minimal visual complication, maximal clarity, abstract avant guard aesthetic.

The watches omit traditional timing tools (hands, numerals, indices) in favor of unconventional markers.

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Fossil Starck RedFossil Starck Red SilverFossil Starck Red GreenFossil Starck Red OrangeFossil Starck Red Two ToneFossil Starck Red Round
Fossil Starck Red
Fossil Starck Red
Fossil Starck Red Silver
Fossil Starck Red Silver
Fossil Starck Red Green
Fossil Starck Red Green
Fossil Starck Red Orange
Fossil Starck Red Orange
Fossil Starck Red Two Tone
Fossil Starck Red Two Tone
Fossil Starck Red Round
Fossil Starck Red Round

Men's and Ladies'

Fossil Starck is largely a unisex collection – not a surprising trait, considering the progressive thinking behind the designs. Yet there are several characteristics that make a difference – perhaps all the difference – in men's and women's watches.

First, ladies' collection incorporates such “feminine” colors as pink and beige.

Second, ladies watches add two specially designed lines, Tailgate and Rumeur, that enrich the collection as a whole. Both Tailgate and Rumeur borrow luxury designs, presenting sleek shapes (without the precious materials).

Design & Style

The best way to describe the collection is to compare it to Fossil Trend – another fashion conscious collection. Starck watches are dressier, and will suit a party occasion, even as an inexpensive “statement” item.

Unlike Trend, they are translucent and transparent in various ways, implying clarity of purpose and self-knowledge – a quality that makes them more “grown-up” watches.

Finally, they incorporate several sophisticated and basic shapes – spiral, cross, circle, rectangle – combining them in creative but functional ways; Fossil Trend usually shuns such elaboration (a fine and useful trait in its own right.

Function & Movement

Starck incorporate digital and quartz analog movements, usually water resistant up to 3 ATM. Some models provide a unique negative display view.


This is a relatively pricey collection, most watches costing between $100 and $200. Trusted eBay sellers offer considerable discounts.


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