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Fossil Trend Watches Review: Chronograph, Analog, Digital, Ana-Digi

Updated on January 9, 2015

Unpredictable Audience

Fossil Trend watches collection steers towards fun, fashionable, and teenage friendly designs. That is not to say that the timers themselves are “friendly”. On the contrary – a close look reveals that these are independent-minded, strong willed, and stubborn looking pieces – clearly designed to appeal to teenagers who seek to assert themselves.

Fossil use fashion, and the sense of fashion, to craft a collection directed at this unpredictable audience.


Fossil Trend collection offers several lines of watches: analog, digital, ana-digi, chronographs, and multifunctional (calendar).

Ana-digi watches are the most interesting – they combine analog hands with digital dials. The models are expressive, but usually limited to modest pastel colors; these are casual watches first and foremost.

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Fossil Trend ChronographFossil Trend LeatherFossil Trend Men'sFossil Trend SkeletonFossil Trend Ana-DigiFossil Trend Digital
Fossil Trend Chronograph
Fossil Trend Chronograph
Fossil Trend Leather
Fossil Trend Leather
Fossil Trend Men's
Fossil Trend Men's
Fossil Trend Skeleton
Fossil Trend Skeleton
Fossil Trend Ana-Digi
Fossil Trend Ana-Digi
Fossil Trend Digital
Fossil Trend Digital


Men's segment makes a statement of self-assurance, and projects a character that's positioned comfortably between sporty and casual.

The digital models betray some geeky motifs, while the analog pieces veer towards fashion. Either way, men's trend bespeaks awareness.


Ladies watches are not as square as men's – in both senses. Brighter colors and slender, elongated shapes refresh designs that may appear too heavy otherwise. Dials can be painted and engraved upon.


It'd difficult to single out a particular trend in the Fossil Trend – watches defy expectations, incorporating and mixing elements we rarely see in time keeping instruments.

Some employ wooden/furniture inspired designs, others go for a futuristic facade, or exhibit strong vintage aesthetics. The most outrageous versions combine all three trends into one esoteric mix.


Some of the timepieces are especially notable for their unusual shape. The usual circles and squares are joined by flattened ellipses or extremely elongated rectangles. These unusually shaped watches can be the most interesting and rule breaking.


Fossil Trend watches appear in a range of ingeniously designed straps – leather cuff straps in various designs and colors that complete the picture of originality and statement of independence. The straps contribute a touch of rebelliousness to the overall look. Not rebelliousness – bellicosity and defiance!


Though this collection focuses on design, the analog-digital movement adds an important innovation. Regular quartz analog and digital movements complete the inventory.


Pieces will cost from $55 up to $160 for a new piece. Trusted eBay sellers usually offer watches (new and used) with considerable discount.


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