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Updated on November 2, 2013

So You Want to Buy or Sell Fragrances??

Which Supplier is Best for You??

I have had wholesale accounts with both Fragrance.Net and FragranceX for awhile now. Long enough to have some insight as to the Pros and Cons of each. If your thinking about selling fragrances on the internet on E-Bay or Amazon, or any other platform and you have a tax ID or Federal Employer ID so you are a legitimate reseller, these are two suppliers that I would recommend based on my personal experience. Both companies have a liberal return policy. Both companies usually ship very quickly (most of the time within 24 hours). Both companies ship Internationally. Both companies answer inquiries relatively quicly. Both companies will also dropship direct to your customer and provide tracking information (if available).

However; the fragrance market is very competitive. If you want to make any money, you will have to pay attention to the prices other sellers are offering. Don't just compare on E-Bay for a particular item, do an Internet Search and check the prices across the board. You'll find some retailers that are highly discounting the manufacturers suggested retail price, and sometimes you won't be able to compete unless you have the financial resources to buy in bulk from a manufacturer, as opposed to a wholesale distributor such as Fragrance.Net or FragranceX. Some other retailers will only sell products and suggested retail and sometimes even more. Those are retailers that are relying on their name and long-standing reputation.

One of the most important things to remember, regardless of what supplier you might choose, as that YOU must provide superior customer service. A key ingredient in providing good customer service is to make sure that the items you have listed are in stock, and that your listings are removed when they go out of stock. Although, it may not be for everyone, I personally like for keeping my E-Bay and webstore listings current. Anything that goes out of stock, is automatically removed from your listings. For E-Bay or Amazon and some other platforms, you can also set your shipping costs from inventorysource; however, with some platforms, such as ProStores, if you are shipping internationally you will have to do this manually in a .csv or similar file.

Retail Customer Review

Pros and Cons

Both and FragranceX are well-established companies. They have been around for a long time and both have superior reputations. seems to have a somewhat larger total selection of items that FragranceX, but FragranceX stocks a larger quantity of each item. If you have an E-Bay store and you are paying per listing, this factor can be important. Because of having fewer of each item in stock, Fragrance.Net items are deleted on a more frequent basis, so you have to monitor stock situations before you can relist. Those nickels can add up quicly, so you have be diligent. Pay attention to completed listings from other sellers, too. This can give you some insight as to what items are currently selling well and what kind of prices they are fetching. There isn't much point to listing an item from either supplier, if you can't sell it, or you can't get a high enough mark-up to make some profit after you pay your seller (and PayPal or whatever payment processor you use) fees.

International Shipping

As I mentioned perviously, both Fragrance.Net and FragranceX ship internationally. Personally, if you are going to ship internationally, I would recommend starting with Canada, UK, and Austrailia because there is no inherent language barrier, and it's a good place to start. Also, don't just assume that you can automatically list fragrance items in any country, because you can't. Don't find out the hard way like I did, and have to have over 200 listings removed (at my own cost) because I listed them in countries where I wasn't allowed. It's also important to include some disclaimer like "All items are guaranteed 100% authentic. We do not sell knock-offs or imitations." The fragrance market is notorious for counterfeit items, just like the handbag industry, which is another reason I recommend Fragrance.Net and FragranceX.

This is your own choice, but if you do decide to sell internationally it is easiest to have the merchandise dropshipped, unless you have D.O.T. licencing to ship flammable materials. Such most fragrances contain alcohol, trying to ship internationally on your own can sometimes present problems. Also, be keenly aware that you have options from both companies as to HOW your merchandise is shipped internationally. If you choose standard shipping from either company to an international location, you will not have any tracking information. Then if your customer says they didn't receive their merchandise, you have no way to prove that they did. Fragrance.Net offer shipping with tracking via Canada Post to Canada for an additional shipping cost, and also I believe they offer shipping to the UK with tracking. FragranceX offers shipping to Canada, UK, and Austrailia under their "worldwide premium shipping" option. This provide complete tracking and your merchandise will ship via whatever carrier that FragranceX has deemed to provide the best service for that location.

It is also EXTREMELY important, regardless of which wholesale supplier you use, the you include in your listings that your customer will be responsible for any customs duties or charges imposed by their country. Also, make it clear in your listing that sometimes international shipments can take a long time. Even if you ship via premium service, I would suggest that you tell your customers to allow at least three weeks before they contact you. If you elect to use standard shipping, some things may take 6 weeks or longer. Make it clear that you don't have any control over how long an item will be in customs once it arrives in their country.

The review at the bottom is from a RETAIL customer, so the information regarding prices and shipping is irrelevant for a reseller. However; I believe this video is a worthwhile watch for anyone who is interested in buying wholesale too.

If your not interested in wholesale, and but are a retail buyer, check out


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    • pocono foothills profile image

      John Fisher 3 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

      try you can do price comparisons of different suppliers right on most pages on the site.

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      WSDESI@AOL.COM 3 years ago