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Fragrances of Winterfell with the help of Frostbeard Studio

Updated on March 2, 2016
Winterfell of Frostbeard Studio
Winterfell of Frostbeard Studio

Hi, everyone!) Yesterday I wrote about scented candles of the Frostbeard Studio which simply conquered my heart. If you have no clue what these candles are, I can briefly tell you about them. These are the candles whose fragrances are connected with literature. Every fragrance is well thought out, so that one can easily feel atmosphere of his or her favorite literature work. Above all else, fans of Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and other legendary characters will be surely delighted with Frostbeard Studio scented candles dedicated to these masterpieces. You can get more information from the previous article in my blog. Today I would like to continue my story about the assortment of the Frostbeard Studio, telling you about the scented candle Winterfell.

I am absolutely convinced that every fan of ‘’Game of Thrones’’ will feel honor-bound to buy this scented candles.) As you have probably guessed, I am a really crazy fan!) Unfortunately, I have no time to read all books from the series ‘’A Song of Ice and Fire’’ and I am stuck on the third book, but the television series is a genuine masterpiece. Not to mention, that Starks are my favorites! That’s why I didn’t have even a moment of hesitation! The candle’s fragrance is very fresh, coniferous and it gives me a feeling that I am really somewhere on the North of Westeros. I think that such fragrance help to cheer up and also create very pleasant and cozy atmosphere. I want to watch old episodes one more time and this time I will light my Winterfell candle. Isn’t it a cute way to feel that atmosphere?) Just can’t help waiting!!)

If just one look at this candle is enough so that main theme of the series starts playing in your head, you shouldn’t miss a chance to enjoy these wonderful aromas!) Join me in my fragrant trip to Winterfell!)


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